I Corinthians 8:  Instructions Regarding “Christian Liberty”

1.  To have a lot of knowledge can make a person proud but what does love do? 8:1

2.  In 8:4, what does Paul state is “nothing?”

3.  If we are not careful and kind, what might our “liberty” in Christ become
      to those less mature in Christ?  8:9

4. Is one truly spiritually mature in Christ who willingly offends a new Christian?

5.  In the Corinthian church, there was a concern over meat which some thought
      might have been offered to whom?  8:1 and 10  

6.  In 8:13, why did Paul say he would be willing to be a vegetarian for life?

7.  If I wound my brother/sister’s conscience by my actions, who do I sin against? 8:12  

8.  Read Genesis 4:9   Was Cain right or wrong in what he said?
      Where is the line drawn concering accountability to other? 

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