I Corinthians 7:  Instructions Regarding Marriage

1.  In 7:1, Paul states that the ideal Christian life is the single life. 
    True or False.

2.  According to 7:2 and 9, what is a fundamental reason for marriage?

3.  According to 7:5, the Christian married couple should only abstain from
      sexual activity for a period of time for what reason?

4.  Why does Paul state that, when a couple does abstain from sex, they
        should do so only for a limited time?  7:5

5.  Paul states in 7:11-13, that if a woman’s husband isn’t saved, she has
        grounds to divorce him.  True or False.

6. According to 7:10, what should a Christian wife not do?

7. According to 7:11, what should the Christian husband not do?

8.  Read Matthew 5:32.  If you marry a divorced woman, you commit adultery.
      True or False.   

9.  Read Matthew 19:9 and comment on what Jesus states here in this verse.

10. Read Mark 10:11-12 and comment on it.

11. Read Luke 16:18 and comment on it. 

12. Read I Corinthians 7:10-11 and comment on it.

13. According to I Corinthians 7:32-35, the single person will tend to be
        more concerned about what? 

14.  What are you purchased with?  7:23

15.  According to 7:39, for how long is a wife bound to her husband? 

16. What is Paul’s advice to widows. Should they remarry?  7:39

17.  According to 7:20 and 24, what should you abide in?

18.  In verse 19, Paul states, whether a person is circumcised or not,
      what is the really important thing?

19. According to 7:28, marriage is not a what?

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