I Corinthians 5:  Regarding Incest, Fornication and Immorality

1.  In Jeremiah 23:10, what was the land filled with?

2.  What was the terrible sin that was being practiced?  5:1

3.  What did Paul say should happen to the person guilty of this sin?  5:2

4.  The woman Jezebel in Revelation 2:21 was given opportunity
        to repent of what sin?

5.  Paul points out that incest is so bad, it’s not common….
          …..even among what group of people?  5:1

6.  According to verse 2, was the church of Corinth proud
          or sorry about this sin?

7.  According to 5:6, what did Paul say was not good?

8.  Paul said this sinful person should be delivered to whom?  5:5

9.  What is the desired end result of so drastic a punishment?  5:5

10.  Read Exodus 12. Why is the Passover called the Passover?
        What event took place?  What happened to the Egyptians? 
          What happened to God’s people?

11.  Who is our “Passover?”  5:7

12.  According to Paul’s analogy in 5:6, how is leaven like sin? 

13.  We should not desire the “old leaven” of what two things?  5:8

14.  We should rather desire the “unleavened bread” of what?  5:8

15.  What is leaven compared to, in a positive sense, in Luke 13:20-21?

16.  To what person and to what group, in a negative sense, is leaven
        compared to in Mark 8:15?

17.  According to 5:9, Paul had previously written a letter to Corinth.  True or False.

18.  List six types of persons we are not to fellowship with.  5:9-11


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