I Corinthians 4:  Paul Self-vindication Regarding His Ministry

1.  What is required of all stewards? 4:2

2.  Paul was deeply offended that some people were judging him 4:3
      True or False?

3.  When He returns, what will the Lord “bring to light?”  4:5

4.  To whom had the apostles been made a “spectacle?”  4:9

5.  The apostles had suffered, and been treated like what?  4:13

6.  In 4:10, Paul said he had been a fool for whom?

7.  According to verse 12, how should we respond when reviled?

8.  According to II Timothy 3:12, what is promised to all who love Jesus?

9.  How did Paul react when he was persecuted?  4:12

10.  From 4:11, name the five ways the apostles suffered.

11.  In 4:14, Paul states he doesn’t write to shame them…but to do what?

12.  In 4:15, Paul states that although they have many teachers
      in Christ, they did not have many what?

13.  Paul could claim to be their “spiritual father,” for he
        had “begotten” them through what?

14.  The kingdom of God is not in word only….but in what?  4:20

15.  What friend of Paul is named in Acts 19:1?

16.  Which of Paul’s friends is named in I Corinthians 4:6?

17.  Paul preferred to come to the Corinthians in love and
        meekness than with a what?  4:21

18.  Explain what Paul means by his statement in 4:21. 


Maxim of the Moment

I’d rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate. - George Burns