I Corinthians 3:  Accountability of Ministers

1. What does Paul call the Corinthian believers in 3:1?

2.  In 3:2, Paul writes concerning the two extremes of spiritual understanding,
      and uses the illustrations of milk and what?

3.  According to Hebrews 5:14, what two elements are used to illustrate
        spiritual maturity and immaturity? 

4.  In John 4:34, what element did Jesus compare doing God’s will with?

5.  According to 3:6, Paul “planted” the Gospel message but who did the “watering?”

6.  According to 3:6-7, who gives the increase?

7.  In 3:3, what are the three things listed as signs of disharmony and disunity?

8.  According to 3:8, we will receive rewards in heaven according to our what?

9.  In 3:9, what are believers called?

10.  According to 3:10, who is known as the “master builder?”

11.  According to 3:11, what is our true foundation?

12.  According to 3:16-17, who is the “temple” of God?

13.  From 3:11-12, list the six possible “construction materials” (both good and bad)
        that man uses to build on the foundation of Christ.

14.  According to 3:13, what will try or test everyone’s work for God to
        see if it will stand the test?

15.  According to 3:18, what must we not allow to happen?

16.  What is the “wisdom” of this world in God’s sight, according to 3:19?

17.  Read Proverbs 1:7.  What do fools despise?

18.  According to Colossians 1:9, what does Paul pray that the
      Colossians will be filled with? 

19.  According to 3:20, what does the Lord know? 

20.  According to 3:23, who do we belong to? 

21.  According to 3:23, who does Christ belong to?


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