I Corinthians 2:  God’s Wisdom in Providing the Gospel

1.  In 2:1, Paul claims to have excellent oratory abilities. True or false. 

2.  In 2:2, what is to be preached? 

3.  What was demonstrated to the Corinthians in the power of the Spirit? 2:4

4.  How should our faith “stand?” 2:5

5.  What will the “wisdom of this world” result in? 2:6

6. According to 2:7, how long has God’s wisdom been in existence?

7. What would the “wise” people of this world not done if they
    would have possessed God’s wisdom?  2:8

8.  What three body parts does Paul mention in 2:9?

9.  According to 2:10, who searches all things?

10.  In 2:12, Paul states he has not received the “spirit” of what?

11.  According to 2: 13, who is our best teacher?

12.  Why cannot the natural, unsaved person receive and understand the
        things of God, according to 2:14?

13.  In 2:16, Paul states we have the mind of whom?

14. In 2:1 and 4, Paul insinuates he is loved only because he is such
          a good preacher.  True or False.

15.  From 2:3, name the three things which describe Paul’s emotional state.

16.  Give the Old Testament book, chapter and verse Paul is quoting in 2:9.

17.  What does “discern” mean?  2:14

18.  Explain what is meant by “spiritual discernment.”

19.  Whose mind do we now have?  2:16  


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