I Corinthians 16:  The Collection for the Jerusalem Believers

1. On what day of the week does God expect you to give an
          offering to Him? 16:1-2

2. To what city was Paul taking this collection? 16:3

3. What area did Paul feel confident he would soon be passing through?

4. What group of priests were involved in bringing a collection to
      Jerusalem in II Chronicles 24:6?

5. According to Galatians 2:10, who are we to remember?

6. What area did Paul plan to visit before coming to Corinth?  16:5

7. Where did Paul plan to spend the winter?  16:6

8. Paul planned to stay at Ephesus until what feast day?  16:8

9. Great doors of opportunity were opening to Paul.
        What might hinder that? 16:9

10. What faithful friend of Paul is listed in 16:10 and also in Philippians 1:1,
    Colossians 1:1,  I Thessalonians 1:1 and II Thessalonians 1:1? 

11. What faithful friend of Paul is also mentioned in 16:12 and in Acts 18:24?

12. According to verse 13, how are we to stand in the faith?

13. What attribute must be a part of all that we do for God?  16:14

14. What group of people had ” addicted themselves to the
        ministry of the saints ” ? 16:15

15. Who sent greetings to the church at Corinth?  16:19

16. What strong word does Paul use toward those who don’t choose
        to love and serve Jesus?  16:22

17. What word, in verse 22, means “the Lord comes?” 


If you have completed ” walking-thru ” all 16 chapters in I Corinthians,
    you answered 295 questions.

Your comments and thoughts are appreciated.

                                      – Dr. John & Doris Knoles




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