I Corinthians 15:  Christ’s Resurrection

1. According to 15:4, what did Jesus do after He was buried?

2. How many saw the risen Jesus at one time?  15:6

3. What does Paul mean in verse 4?  Explain:

4. Why did Paul feel he was unworthy to be called an Apostle?  15:9

5. If there was no resurrection, our preaching and our faith is what? 15:14

6. If there was no resurrection, how would we feel?  15:19

7. What is the last enemy that will be destroyed? 15:16

8. Paul believed in baptism for the dead.  True or False. 15:29

9. If there is no resurrection, we might as well say what? 15:32

10. What Old Testament character does Jesus use in Matthew 12:39-40
        as an example of His resurrection?

11. What does Paul mean by his statement in verse 33?
        “Evil communications corrupt good manners.” (KJV)

12. What word describes the person who doubts the resurrection?  15:36

13. What are the two types of “bodies” Paul names in verse 40?

14. Explain what Paul means by his statement in verse 40.

15. What will be swallowed up in Christ’s victory?  15:54

16. Christ is seen as the “second man” who has brought
        in a new era for the human race. Who is the first man? 

17. Who will not inherit the kingdom of God?  15:50-54

18. How fast will we be “changed”?  15:52

19. When Jesus comes, what will our mortal bodies “put on?”  15:53

20. What is the “sting” of death?  15:56

21. Paul asks the grave, “Where is your what?”  15:55

22. What is never “in vain” in the Lord?  15:58

23. Concerning the Lord’s work, what three things did Paul
        want the Corinthians to be?

Maxim of the Moment

Woman was formed by God - out of man's side to be equal, from under his arm for protection, and near his heart to be loved.