I Corinthians 14: Prophecy, Tongues and Public Worship

1. According to 14:1, we are to have love as our motive and desire what?

2. According to 14:2, the one who prays in tongues speaks to whom?

3. According to Jude verse 20, how are we to pray?

4. What three things are communicated to us through the Spirit?  14:3

5. When I pray in tongues, I edify myself; when I prophecy, whom do I edify? 14:4

6. According to 14:5, what’s the end-result of tongues and prophecy?

7. When there is a message in tongues, there should also be a what?  14:13

8. I can pray in the Spirit. What else can I do in the Spirit?  14:15

9. According to 14:20, in what way are we to “grow up?”

10. What Old Testament book, chapter and verse is Paul quoting in verse 21?

11. Speaking in tongues can actually be a sign of God’s presence to whom?  14:22

12. Paul states in 14:19 that five words of teaching that men understand is better than
        how many words that only God understands?

13. According to verse 26, what must be the end result of all we do in church?

14. According to verses 27-28, what is the maximun number of times
      of tongues and interpretation should be manifested in a worship service?

15. What are two other end results of prophecy? 14:31

16. What is God not the Author of?  14:33

17.  According to verse 33, what is God the Author of?

18.  According to verse 35, who should wives seek for spiritual guidance?

19.  What are we not to forbid? 14:39

20.  Concerning the manifestation of spiritual gifts, how are things to be done? 14:40

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