I Corinthians 13:  The Love Chapter

1. Even though I speak with tongues, if I don’t love others…what am I? 13:1

2. Even though I have great faith, if I don’t love others…..what am I? 13:2

3. If I give all my money to the poor, but don’t really love them…what good is it? 13:3

4. Read 13:4-8.  List the things that real love is.

5. What did Paul “put away” to become more mature? 13:11

6. Faith is great. So is hope. What is greatest?  13:13

7. List several specific ways in which you can demonstrate Christian love to your neighbors.

From 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, take the following quiz.
          Rate your love on a scale from one to ten,
              one being very weak and ten being very strong.

8. ____Love is patient. I keep my cool when people get on my back.
          I am slow to get angry. I rarely lose my temper.

9. ____Love is kind. I am really thoughtful of those around me.
          I praise the success of others. I’m always ready to build up others.

10. ____Love is not jealous.  I don’t get upset or intimidated when others “best” me
          or get promoted.  I’m not threatened by other people’s gifts or talents.
            When I am overlooked, I don’t “punish” others by my moods.

11. ____Love is not conceited. I don’t hog the spotlight.
          I’m not a glory-hound. I keep the focus off myself.
                I strive to make others look good.
                  I don’t brag or exaggerate my accomplishments.

12. ____Love is not proud. I don’t need special favors or attention to get
            my cooperation. I don’t build myself up by putting others down.

13. ____Love is not ill-mannered. I avoid crude/sarcastic remarks about others.
            My conversation is up-beat and positive, polite and friendly.

14. ____Love is not selfish. I am not self-centered. I am not possessive of
            my friends. I don’t always insist on my way. 

15. ____Love is not irritable. I’m not touchy, defensive, cranky or super-sensitive.
              I don’t lay my bad moods on others.
                  I’m approachable, warm and easy to get along with.

16. ____Love keeps no record of wrongs. I don’t fight back or seek revenge.
            I am quick to forgive and forget. I don’t hold grudges.

17. ____Love is not happy with evil. When someone is proven wrong,
            I avoid glee. I never say “I told you so.”
                I don’t take delight in other’s failures.

18. ____Love is happy with the truth.  I welcome honesty and justice even if it
                shows my own weaknesses. I admit my mistakes. I am honest.

19. ____Love never gives up. I keep on loving….even if I don’t receive love in return.
              I persevere in my relationships with others.

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