I Corinthians 11:  Instructions Regarding Public Worship

1. According to 11:3, who is the head of the woman? 

2. According to 11:3, who is the head of every man?

3. According to 11:7, who is the glory of the man?

4. Who was the woman created for?  11:8-9 and Genesis 2:22

5. According to 11:14, even nature teaches it is a shame for a man to have what?

6. According to 11:18, what had Paul heard about the Corinthian church?

7. According to 11:19, what was spreading in the Corinthian church? 

8. What was taking place during the communion services?    11:21

9. On what night was the first communion service instituted?  11:23

10. According to 11:24, what did Jesus say the bread represented? 

11. What does the cup represent?  Luke 22

12.  Until the Rapture takes place, what should Christians continue to do? 11:26

13. What must we do before we partake of communion? 11:28

14. When we “eat and drink to ourselves” we do not do what? 11:29

15. What had happened to some of the Corinthians as a result of not having
        the proper respect during communion services? 11:30

16. In Luke 22:17, what did Jesus tell His disciples to do with the cup? 

17. What do both Jesus and Paul call “the cup” in Matthew 26:28 and
        I Corinthians 11:25?

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