I Corinthians 10:  Instructions Regarding Temptations & Idolatry

1.  In 10: 1, Paul refers back to the time when the Jews passed
      through what body of water?    Exodus 14

2.  What is the “spiritual meat” Paul refers to in 10:3?  (See Exodus 16:15)

3.  In 10:4, Paul compares Jesus to what – in a spiritual sense? 
      (See Exodus 17:6)

4.  The terrible consequences of disobedience in the wilderness (10:6)
        should teach us not to do what?

5.  What verse in Exodus does Paul quote in I Corinthians 10:7?

6.  Because of their sin, how many Hebrews died in one day? 10:8

7.  In which chapter of the book of Numbers is this story found?

8.  What sin did they commit?  10:10

9.  According to 10:11, why were these stories recorded?

10.  In 10:12, what admonition dies Paul give? 

11.  In 10:14, what sin does Paul command them to flee from?

12.  God will make a way for us to escape when we are what?  10:13

13.  In 10:20, Paul commands the Corinthians not to fellowship with whom?

14.  I Corinthians 10:16-17 concerns which of these subjects:   
A. Prayer    
B. Holy Spirit      
C. Water baptism    
D. Communion    
E. Marriage

15.  According to 10:24, what are we to seek?

16.  What is the key word in verses 25, 27 and 29?

17.  According to 10:26, who owns planet earth?

18.  What must be our fundamental motivation in all that we do?  10:31

19.  What is to be our motive for preaching?    10:33  

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