I Corinthians 1:  Divisions Within the Corinthian Church

1. Name the married couple Paul found in Corinth. (Acts 18:1-2)

2. What was their trade or craft?  (Acts 18:3) 

3. When did Paul teach at Corinth and where?  (Acts 18:4)

4. What did many Corinthians do in Acts 18:8? 

5. What did the Lord tell Paul He had in Corinth? (Acts 18:10)

6. How long did Paul stay in Corinth? (Acts 18:11)

7. Who is in Corinth in Acts 19:1? 

8. Who is in Corinth in II Timothy 4:20?

9. Who is the man Paul names as the “co-author” of I Corinthians?  1:1

10. Name the two men, and the household, Paul baptized. 1:14-16

11. Paul said the Corinthian believers were called to be what? 1:2

12. In 1:17, Paul states his primary mission was to do what?

13. For those who choose to die in their sins, they consider
        the Bible to be what? 1:18

14. Paul pleads for unity in 1:10. What did he not want them to have?

15. List the four “groups” which the Corinthian church had within it.  1:12

16. According to 1:20, what had God proven to be “foolishness?”

17. To the Jews, the Gospel was a what? 1:23

18. To the Greeks, the Gospel was considered what? 1:23

19. To we who are born-again, the Gospel is what two things?  1:23

20. God has chosen the “foolish” things of the world to confound whom?  1:27

21. Through human, worldly wisdom, the world can never know what?  1:21

22. What is the reason why God made His plan of salvation universal?  1:29

23. From 1:30, list the four things that Jesus is to we who know Him.

Maxim of the Moment

Divorces are often caused by two people madly in love with themselves.