The Number 7

The number “7” in God’s Word and seems to be
symbolic of completness or fulness.

There are:

7 notes on the music scale
7 colors in the rainbow
7 days in every week

In the Old Testament…..

The Sabbath was the 7th day.
There were 7 days of creation.
Jericho fell after 7 priests marched around it for 7 days.:
On the 7th day they blew their trumpets 7 times (Heb. 11:30).
Naaman dipped in the river 7 times.
700 oxen and 7,000 sheep were sacrificed to the Lord (II Chron. 15:11).
There were 7 years of plenty – then 7 years of famine (Gen. 41).
Jacob served Laban 7 years for Rachel (Gen. 29:20).
Seven days the Hebrews were to eat unleavened bread (Ex. 12:15).
Seven days the blood was to be sprinkled before the Lord (Lev. 4:6).
Seven lambs were to be sacrificed (Lev. 23 & Num. 28-29).
Samson’s 7 locks of hair were cut to drain his strength (Jud.16:19).
There were 7,000 people who did not bow to Baal (Rom. 11:4).
The furnace was heated seven times hotter for the three Hebrews (Dan. 3:19).
Lamech lived 777 years (Gen. 5:32)

In the New Testament…..

Seven loaves were multiplies (Mt. 15:34).
Peter is told to forgive his brother seventy times seven (Mt. 18:22).
Mary was delivered from 7 devils (Lk. 8:2).
There are 7 last utterances from the cross.
Seven deacons were chosen in the book of Acts.

This number is used 48 times in Revelation. There are:

7 stars
7 candlesticks
7 angels
7 churches
7 spirits
7 seals
7 horns
7 eyes
7 thunders
7 trumpets
7 crowns
7 last plagues
7 golden vials
7 mountains
7 kings

…..go figure…..
















Maxim of the Moment

He who speaks ill of his wife dishonors himself.