Romans : A Brief Synopsis

Paul writes to the Christians in Rome to inform them he is planning a visit (Rom.1:8). He sends this letter from Corinth, where is completing a collection for the underprivileged in Palestine. From there he will head for Jerusalem to deliver these funds, intending to travel on to Rome and Spain (15:24). However, these plans are canceled by his arrest in Jerusalem. He finally reaches Rome as a prisoner.

The book of Romans provides us with a complete and comprehensive doctrine of justification by faith. This epistle is the most detailed and systematic exposition of theological truth in the Word of God. Doctrines discussed include sin, propitiation, faith, and spiritual gifts. Paul knows Jewish Believers are reluctant to allow Gentile Believers to claim equality. The apostle proves every Believer is justified by faith in Christ, regardless of ethnicity. The style of the book is vigorous, logical, clear, relevant and magnificent. The first eight chapters are doctrinal, declaring our justification by faith. Chapters nine through eleven set forth God’s eternal plan for Israel. The final five chapters provide practical guidelines for Christian living.


1 – The hopelessness of all human beings without Christ
2 – The impartiality of God’s law
3 – The guilt of all human beings before God
4 – The Old Testament illustrates God’s redemptive plan
5 – Our freedom from God’s wrath
6 – Our freedom from sin
7 – Our freedom from Moses’ law
8 – Our freedom in Christ
9 – Israel’s rejection in relation God’s sovereignty
10 – Israel’s rejection in relation to their own responsibility
11 – Israel’s rejection in relation to their future restoration
12 – Christian responsibilities as members of Christ’s Church
13 – Christian responsibilities to civil authorities
14 – Christian responsibilities to weaker brethren
15 – Christian unity
16 – Salutations and benediction  

Maxim of the Moment

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