Romans 8 and the Spirit of God

Notice the word “therefore” at the beginning of this chapter. This bespeaks a continuation of Paul’s thoughts. Chapter seven was Paul’s old life. Chapter eight is his new life in Christ.

This dynamic chapter can be divided into four sections:

1-11: God’s righteousness made possible by the Holy Spirit
12-17: Righteousness is made possible by our adoption by God
17-30: There is hope despite sufferings
31-39: Assurances of God’s love for us

As you scan the New Testament, you see how God’s Spirit is the key to everything in your Christian life:

Sanctification comes through the Spirit – Romans 15:16
Joy comes through His Spirit – I Thessalonians 1:6
Heaven is where the Spirit is sent from – I Peter 1:12
We must be led by the Holy Spirit – Galatians 5:8
We need to walk in the Spirit – Galatians 5:16
It is essential to pray in the Spirit – Jude 20
Peace comes through the Spirit of God – Romans14:17
We receive power by the Holy Spirit – Romans15:13
God commissions us via His Spirit – Acts 8:29

The Spirit of God is both our motive and our motivator.

A quick glance at Romans chapter eight shows the key role of God’s Spirit:

1. Quickening of our mortal bodies – v.11
2. Being led of His Spirit – v.14
3. The Spirit of adoption is in our hearts – v. 15
4. The Spirit is our Witness that we are children of God – v. 16
5. The Spirit assures us that we are heirs – v. 17
6. God’s Spirit assures us of our future resurrection – v. 23
7. The Spirit helps us in our weaknesses – v. 26
8. All things work together for believers – v. 28
9. God is on our side – v. 32
10. The Spirit shows us the inseparable and incomparable love of God – v. 35

Praise God today, as you pray in the Spirit, for the sweet presence of His precious Holy Spirit!


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