Key Words from Romans – A Primer

These brief definitions of terms from the KJV may help

Adoption – to select and receive into fellowship; to take as one’s own who is not so naturally

Allegory – to explain one thing under the image of another; to speak figuratively

Atonement – an exchange; Christ’s sacrifice for the sins of the human race

Commendation – declaration of esteem; approval; praise

Contentious – quarrelsome; belligerent; argumentative; love of strife

Disannul – to place no value upon; to despise; make void; reject

Dispensation – a time period or era

Dissembled – a hypocrite; to pretend; the actions of a stage player or actor

Faith – conviction; steadfastness; confidence

Galatia – a Roman province; the region in which Paul intended his letter to the Galatians to circulate

Grace – unmerited favor bestowed upon one who is undeserving

Heresies – an erroneous view; a false doctrine; departure from truth

Holiness – sanctification; a setting apart for God; godliness

Impute – to reckon; to charge to one’s account

Iniquity – wickedness; sin; lawlessness; transgression of the law

Intercession – to plead with God on behalf of another

Justification – righteousness; such as one ought to be; to declare guiltless

Law – God’s standard, which demands obedience, yet in itself, gives no power to obey.

Lasciviousness – unbridled lust; indecency; the absence of restraint

Longsuffering – to endure; to bear long; patient endurance

Malignity – an unreasonable desire to see another person suffer

Principalities – evil angels; powers in the angelic realm

Propitiation – to appease; Christ’s sacrifice for sin on the cross

Recompense – to repay or return in kind; a giving back in return

Reconciliation – a restoration to divine favor; the recovered favor of God

Redemption – releasing by payment of a ransom; deliverance through payment of a price

Remission – a passing by of the debt of sin

Repentance – confession of sins and acceptance of Christ as Lord and Savior

Reprobate – not standing the test; a mind disapproved by God; rejected

Revelings – a riot; a wild party; the consequences of drunkenness

Sanctification – holiness; a separation from sin and dedication to God

Seed – human offspring; children; descendents

Seditions – to make an uproar; revolt; rebellion; insurrection

Sin – a missing of the mark; evil deed; bad action

Supplication – to make a humble entreaty; to pray earnestly and humbly

Temperance – self-control; to be moderate; practice self-restraint

Transgression – to overstep limits; go beyond; law-breaking

Uncleanness – defiled; filthy; morally im

Variance – strife; to divide in two; the state of being in disagreement

Maxim of the Moment

The bonds of matrimony don’t profit you unless the interest is kept up.