Chronology of the Old Testament

All dates are B.C (before Christ).  Many dates are “circa” (approximate), and opinions vary dramatically.

Birth of Noah : 2845
Great Flood: 2245
Birth of Abraham: 1955
Job written: c2000-1800
Jews captive in Egypt: 1850
The Exodus: 1450
Pentateuch written:  c1450-1400
Joshua written: c1425-1390
Conquest of Canaan: 1400
Judges & Ruth written: c1100
Era of the Judges/Kings: 1360-1025
I & II Samuel written:  c1000      
Saul’s reign   (first king of Israel): 1020-1004
David’s reign: 1004-965
Psalms compiled: c1000-430
Solomon’s reign   (temple founded 965): 965-931
Song of Solomon written: c 930
Proverbs compiled: c 930
Ecclesiastes written:  c 930
Obadiah written: 848-841
Joel written: 835-796
Jonah written: 780-750
Amos written: 765-750  
Hosea written: 755-715
Micah written: 740-690
Isaiah written: 740-700
Ahaz renders tribute to Tiglath-Pileser III:  734                    
Hezekiah’s reign (727-698) begins: 727                                        
Fall of Samaria; beginning of Assyrian captivity; end of Northern Kingdom: 721
First invasion of Palestine by Sennacherib: 713
Death of Hezekiah: 697
Reign of Manasseh: 696-642  
Reign of Amon, wicked son of Manasseh: 642-640    
Reign of godly Josiah: 640-608                          
Jeremiah/Lamentations written: 626-586      
Habakkuk written: 625
Zephaniah written: 625-610
Nahum written: 630-612            
I & II Kings written: c650-560        
Jeremiah called;  death of Ashurbanipal; Sennacherib’s siege of Jerusalem: 701
Death of Isaiah: 680
Assyrian campaign against Judah (last great king of Assyria): 627      
Rise of Neo-Babylonia and rule by Nebopolassar: 625-605
Discovery of the Book of the Law in the Temple; Josiah’s reforms begin: 621
Ninevah, capital of Assyria, falls to Babylon: 612
Egyptian army marches north to help collapsing Assyria. Josiah intercepts at Megiddo and is killed. Pharaoh Necho (609-593)deposes the new king (Jehoahaz) and places Jehoiakim (609-598) on the Judean throne: 609
Jeremiah’s temple sermon and imprisonment: 608
Egyptian forces routed at Carchemish by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon; Judah’s first deportations to Babylon; including Daniel: 605
Babylonian Captivity: 605-636            
Nebuchadnezzar’s dream interpreted by Daniel: 603
Nebuchadnezzar subdues Syria, Judah and Philistine cities: 604
Birth of Cyrus: 600
Alliance with Egypt brings Babylonians down on Judah again: 598
Jehoiachin on the throne of Judah: 598
Jerusalem falls to Babylon after a 2-month siege. King, Jehoiachin, deported with others to Babylon (2nd deportation) His uncle, Zedekiah, last Judean king,  (597-586) is placed on the throne : 597
Jeremiah’s yoke sermon: 593
Ezekiel written: 590-570
Under pressure from the pro-Egyptian party, Zedekiah breaks faith with Babylon. Jerusalem is besieged for 18 months: 588
Exilic Period – 586-538
Fall of Jerusalem: Babylonians seize Jerusalem; people are deported to Babylon; Jerusalem is plundered and burned; Jeremiah is taken to Egypt: 586
Last prophecy of Jeremiah: 581
Post-Exilic Period – 538-332
Fall of Babylon by Persians;  Judea under Persian rule; Cyrus on throne of Babylon: 538
Daniel written:  538
Return from Babylon of first group of Jews to Jerusalem under Zerubbabel due to Cyrus’ edict: 536
Haggai and Zechariah written: 520
Completion of the Temple: 516
Accession of Xerxes (Ahasuerus): 486
Return of Ezra and second group of exiles: 458
Esther written:  450
First and Second Chronicles written:  450-425
Ezra Written:  444
Return of Nehemiah and third group of exiles (book written): 445
Malachi written (final book of Old Testament): 425

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