Chronology of the First Century

Inasmuch as first century chronology is uncertain, the periods of time listed below are circa and may vary a year or two before or after the dates listed.
These events provide an overview of that era. However, competent scholars agree the books of the New Testament were written in the order seen here.

4BC:    Birth of Jesus;  Birth of Paul
7AD:    Jesus, Mary and Joseph visit Jerusalem
11:      Tiberius made associate Emperor of Rome
12:      Ananus becomes Jewish High Priest
14:      Augustus dies; Tiberius succeeds Augustus as Emperor
16-26:  Paul studies under Gamaliel in Jerusalem
23:      Caiaphas becomes Jewish High Priest
26:      Pontius Pilate Procurator of Judea
26:      Jesus is baptized by John
27-30:  Public ministry of Jesus
30:      Jesus is crucified at Jerusalem; Day of Pentecost
32:      Stoning of Stephen
33-36:  Saul’s conversion; goes into Arabia from Damascus (three years)
37:      Caligula is Roman Emperor
38:      Paul escapes from Damascus to Jerusalem
40:      Claudius is Roman Emperor
41:      Herod Agrippa is ruler of Judea and Samaria
44:      Herod Agrippa imprisons Peter; Barnabas brings Paul to Antioch
46:      James is written
47-48:  Paul’s first Missionary Journey   Acts 13-14
48:    The Jerusalem Council (Acts 15); Galatians written
49-51:  Paul’s second Missionary Journey Acts 15-18
50-66:  Synoptic Gospels written; Gospel of Mark probably written first
51-52:  Paul writes I & II Thessalonians during his second Missionary Journey
53:    Felix is Procurator of Judea
54:    Nero is Roman Emperor
53-56:  Paul’s third Missionary Journey   Acts 18-21
55:    I & II Corinthians written during Paul’s third journey
56:    Paul writes Romans during his third missionary journey
57:    Paul arrested in Jerusalem
58:    Paul before Felix, Festus, and Agrippa: appeals to Caesar   Acts 25-26
59-60:  Voyage to Rome; shipwrecked at Malta
61:    Acts written by Luke
61-62:  Paul arrives in Rome; arrested (first Roman captivity) – writes ‘Prison Epistles’ (Philippians/Ephesians/Colossians/Philemon)
62-63:  Paul is released from prison; Paul writes I Timothy  &  Titus
63-64:  I & II Peter written. Paul released, resumes ministry.
64:    Nero burns Rome and blames the Christians
64:    Death of Peter
65-68:  Jude and Hebrews are written
66-67:  Paul arrested & imprisoned (second Roman captivity) and writes II Timothy
67:    Paul is beheaded at Rome under Nero; Jews at war against the Romans
70:    Destruction of Jerusalem and Temple
79:    Eruption of Vesuvius, burying Pompeii & Herculaneum
81-96:  Persecution of Christians under Domitian
90-95:  John the Beloved writes 1,2 & 3 John & The Gospel of John
95:    John banished to Isle of Patmos and writes Revelation
99:    Death of John

Discrepancies may exist due to the uncertainties of such ancient dates. Students often cross-reference other chronologies in order to form their own conclusions regarding first century events.

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