~The theology of Amillennialism rests entirely on a symbolic interpretation of Revelation.
~It is also known as “Nonmillennialism” or “Nunc (‘now’) millennialism” or “Realized Millennialism”.
~They point out “millennium” is not a Bible word (however, neither is “Trinity” or “Missions”).
~“The millennium is only a symbolic number – which is indefinite”.
~Proof texts for this theory include Mt. 12 & Lk. 17 where Jesus states, “The kingdom of God has already come” or “is among you presently”.
~They also point to the figurative language in Psalm 50, where it is stated, “God owns the cattle on a thousand hills” and I Chronicles 16 – “God will be faithful for a thousand generations”.
~Amillennialists have a more generic view of prophecy as a whole, and often consider all prophecy as historical, rather than futuristic.
~In one sense, they do believe in Christ’s Second Coming, but deny there will be a literal 1,000 year reign of Christ after His second Coming.
~They treat Revelation, with its bowls, seals, and judgments – as idealistic.
~Many Amillennialists are former Postmillennialists.
~Both the Amillennialist and the Postmillennialist hold that the 1,000 year reign is only symbolic: not literal.
~Both Amillenialists and Postmillennialists feel the Millennium is the current Church Age, which is from the Resurrection to the present…..others believe this period is from the Incarnation to the Second Coming.
~Up until about the year 1900, Amillennialism and Postmillennialism were not differentiated……but the Amillennial position is closer to Postmillennialism than Premillennialism.
~There are many ‘blurred lines’ between Amillennialism and Postmillennialism because they share several common features….often making it difficult to distinguish between them.
~Amillennial beliefs are founded almost entirely on their interpretation of Revelation chapter 20.
~The Amillennialist tends to ask, “What is the significance of Revelation 20 for John’s era?   
~“The 1,000 year reign of Christ in Revelation 20 is only emblematic of the completeness of Christ’s victory over Satan”.
~Amillennialists conclude ‘Christ’s reign’ actually began during His earthly ministry.
~“Millennial passages refer only to John’s era in the first century”.
~One ‘proof text’ used for this is Acts 2:33-34 where Peter affirms Jesus is sitting on the right hand of the Father.
~“Revelation 20:4 refers to the blessed state of saints who have died since Calvary and are now with the Lord in heaven, therefore Christ is ALREADY reigning with His saints”. (However, many Amillennialists believe Christ could return to earth anytime.)
~Augustine helped to establish the theory of Amillennialism…..but he also taught human history would culminate and terminate in 6,000 years…..
~Amillennialism was the dominate view of the Reformers.
~Most Amillennialists confuse the Rapture with the Second Coming.
~Many in this school believe the judgments immediately follow the Second Coming.
~Others hold that the Millennium began with the triumph of Christianity in Constantine’s era.
~The ‘binding of Satan’ (Rev. 20:2) took place when Jesus went to the cross because the Devil has been unable to prevent the spread of the Gospel”.
~“Armageddon symbolizes the power of God’s Word over all evil”.
~“The ‘Great Tribulation’ is simply emblematic of the persecutions of the early Church”.
~“The white-horse-rider of Revelation 19 is a vision of Christ’s victory over pagan Rome”.
~The amillennialist tends to have an individualistic view, concentrating on the destiny of each person rather than on the global future of the human race.
~Concerning the resurrections mentioned in Revelation, Amillennialists spiritualize them all.
~“Good and evil will continue on earth until the Second Coming. Resurrections(s) and judgments will then take place, followed by the eternal and perfect rule of Christ.” (However, some in this school deny any future Kingdom of God on earth.)
~“There will be a general resurrection after the Church Age ends, then the new heavens and new earth will be established”.
~Most Amillennialists believe there will be only one resurrection – of the entire human race….but others believe there will be two resurrections.
~The resurrections in Revelation are often confused: some are symbolic and others are literal.
~Some Amillennials say the first resurrection will be spiritual and the second one will be physical. Many disagree concerning which is which.
~“There is no restoration of the nation of Israel: Old Testament prophecies are for the Church only. All promises made to Israel apply solely to the Church Age. Israel and the Church are viewed together and form all the people of God collectively”.
~In order to justify their theology, Amillennialists must use a ‘dual-hermeneutic’ or pluralistic method of interpretation.
~Many Amillennialists try to validate their position by how it differs from Premillennialism, rather than from Postmillennialism.
~Among Amillennialists there is little agreement on anything concerning prophecy. As a result, the most notable feature of their theology is NEGATIVITY. They do not tend to display optimism, but rather pessimism. Whenever The Blessed Hope of the Church (the Rapture) is clouded by false doctrines, those who cling to erroneous teachings view the future as dismal. In contrast, Paul encourages us to “establish our hearts in holiness before God, looking for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” (I Thess. 3:13).


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