Acts Acrostic

Here is an easy way to remember what is contained in the 28 chapters of Acts. The sentence, “Ascended Lord Sent Peter And Paul,” contains 28 letters, just as many as there are chapters. The acrostic is formed by the first letter of the first word in the sentence and serves as a brief chapter summary.

1 – A scended Lord…and a new apostle
2 – S ermon on the day of Pentecost
3 – C ommand cures handicapped man
4 – E nvious enemies endeavor to end evidence
5 – N oncompliant Ananias and noble Gamaliel
6 – D eacons selected
7 – E arliest martyr – Steven
8 – D isciples depart from Jerusalem

9 –  L ord leads Paul to Himself
10 – O n housetop, Peter ordered to win others
11 – R eceiving redemption at Antioch
12 – D eath of James and deliverance of Peter

13 – S tart first journey – Paul and Barnabas
14 – E nd first journey
15 – N oble defense of the gospel
16 – T imothy and Paul begin second journey

17 – P aul preaches at Athens
18 – E nd of second journey
19 – T eaching at Ephesus
20 – E ncourages Ephesian elders
21 – R eturns to Jerusalem

22 – A ccused apostle testifies about conversion
23 – N earness of the Lord to Paul in the night
24 – D efense before Felix

25 – P roclamation of innocence to Festus
26 – A grippa hears the Word
27 – U pon the tempestuous sea
28 – L egions led to Jesus

If you are not already reading the Bible through this year, read one chapter in Acts every day for the next 28 days and enjoy the company of these great men and women of God as they witness the birth of the early church.


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