A Few Key Dates in the Chronology of Jerusalem

1010 BC – David captures Jerusalem from Jubusites; brings the ark into the city

962 BC – Solomon builds the First Temple

926 BC – Pharaoh Shishak captures the city and plunders the Temple

850 BC – Jerusalem is sacked by the Philistines, Arabs, and Ethiopians

786 BC – Jehoash of Israel sacks Jerusalem and destroys her walls

733 BC – Jerusalem becomes a vassal of the Neo-Assyrian Empire

697 BC- King Manasseh of Judah places idols in the Temple

609 BC – Jerusalem becomes part of the Egyptian Empire

605-597 BC – King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon invades the city and loots the Temple

586 BC – Judah is defeated; temple is destroyed; many captives taken to Babylon.

516 BC – The Second Temple is built in the sixth year of Darius the Great

444-432 BC – Nehemiah governs Jerusalem and rebuilds her walls

332 BC – Alexander the Great conquers Jerusalem and propagates Greek culture

164 BC – the first Hanukkah; Judas Maccabeus rededicates the Temple

63 BC – Roman emperor Pompey conquers Jerusalem

37 BC – Herod the governor of Galilee conquers Judea and Jerusalem

20 BC – Herod begins Jerusalem’s reconstruction; expands the Temple

4 BC – Jesus is born; dedicated in the Temple as an infant

7 AD – at age 12, Jesus visits Jerusalem during Passover

30 AD – Jesus is arrested in Jerusalem; convicted; crucified, and rises from the dead

31 AD – Peter preaches in the Temple

32 AD – Stephen is stoned to death in Jerusalem

49 AD – Jerusalem Council; officially includes all Gentiles as candidates for salvation

57 AD – Paul is arrested in Jerusalem

66 AD – James is martyred in Jerusalem

70 AD – Siege of Jerusalem by the Roman General Titus; Temple destroyed

95 AD – John writes Revelation and describes the New Jerusalem (21:10-27)

313 AD – Constantine legalizes Christianity throughout the Roman Empire
335 AD – First Church of the Holy Sepulchre built on Calvary

380 AD – Emperor Theodosius makes Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire

614 AD – Persians kill thousands of Christians in Jerusalem

616 AD – Jewish governor of Jerusalem is killed by a Christian mob

637-638 AD – Omar Caliph (Muhammadian) forces Jerusalem to surrender

661 AD – Umayyad Dynasty (Muslim) takes control of Jerusalem

688-691 AD – Dome of the Rock is constructed

969 AD – Muslims conquer Jerusalem

1073 AD – Seljuk Turks capture Jerusalem and massacre her inhabitants

1099 AD –  Crusaders capture Jerusalem; Dome of the Rock becomes a Christian church

1187 AD – Saladin captures Jerusalem from the Crusaders

1244 AD – Invasions by Muslims leave Jerusalem almost deserted

1516 AD – Ottoman Turks conquer Jerusalem, ruling it for nearly four centuries

*1897 AD – First Zionist Congress; Jerusalem is discussed as a possible future capital

1917 AD – Britain takes Jerusalem from the Ottomans during WW I

1929 –  Arab and Jewish riots begin in Jerusalem (Western Wall Uprising)

1945 – Jewish Holocaust survivors settle in Jerusalem and Palestine

1948 – Arab-Israeli War

*1950 – Israel declares Jerusalem as their capital

1964 – Palestine Liberation Organization established in Jerusalem

1967 – Six-Day War; Israel reunifies Jerusalem

*1980 – Jerusalem is made the official capital of Israel

1987-1993 – First Intifada (uprising of Palestinians against Jews)

1994 – Israel-Jordan Treaty resolves many territorial disputes

1998 – United Nations deems Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem to be illegal

2002 – Wall built by Israel between West Bank and Jerusalem

*2017 – President Donald Trump reaffirms Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

“…repentance and forgiveness of sins should be preached in His name among all nations,beginning at Jerusalem”  Luke 24:47                                                                            


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