80 Reasons Why I No Longer Drink

1. Over two million people die from alcohol abuse every year.

2. Alcohol is a factor in over 50% of violent crime.

3. Alcohol is a factor in over 50% of auto fatalities.

4. Alcohol is a major factor in accidental deaths (Pv. 26:9).

5. Alcohol is a factor in more than 40% of suicides.

6. Alcohol is a factor in more than 50% of all sexual assaults.

7.Liquor is a depressant and causes depression.

8. Alcohol triggers past painful memories.

9. Alcohol is a toxin and toxins accelerate memory loss.

10. Alcohol cause people to say and do what they wouldn’t if sober.

11.“Firewater” can lead to erratic, compulsive behaviors.

12. Alcohol increases the likelihood of other substance abuse.

13 Alcohol can cause blackouts and hallucinations.

14. Alcohol leads to anxiety and impulsivity.

15. Liquor destroys brain cells. 

16. Alcohol has been proven to reduce brain size.

17. Drinking alcohol inhibits the ability to learn.

18. Alcohol often causes a person to misinterpret another’s words.

19. Drunkenness leads to making hasty and poor decisions.

20. Alcohol can cause permanent personality changes.

21. Alcoholics suffer from loss of self esteem and self-worth.

22. Intoxication interferes with sound judgment.

23. Alcohol inhibits depth perception.

24. Intoxication delays reaction time.

25. Drinking puts you at a greater risk of irregular heartbeat.

26. Alcohol wastes time, money, and leads to poverty (Pv. 21:17).

27. Alcohol inhibits the body’s immune system.

28. Alcohol is a factor in more than sixty diseases.

29. “Rotgut” can lead to hepatitis and liver cirrhosis.

30. Alcohol increases the risk of numerous forms of cancer.

31. Alcohol can lead to cardiovascular disease.

32. Alcohol can kill when mixed with certain prescription medications

33. Inebriation causes birth defects.

34. Alcohol Fetal Syndrome has proven damaging and/or deadly.

35. Alcohol often triggers weight gain.

36. Alcohol can dehydrate the body.

37. “Boozing” affects normal sleep patterns.

38. Alcohol consumption puts a person at risk for diabetes.

39. Liquor consumption makes managing diabetes very difficult.

40. Alcohol can cause malnutrition due to poor dietary habits.

41. Alcohol can cause infertility and sexual dysfunction.

42. Alcohol lowers the ability and willingness to resist temptations.

43. Drinking puts a person at risk of STD’s due to unsafe sex.

44. Alcohol is at the heart of millions of failed marriages.

45. Alcohol has never caused a family to be drawn closer together.

46. Drinking leads to DWI’s and other legal entanglements.

47. Just because alcohol may be a legal drug doesn’t make it safe.

48. Alcohol is addictive.

49. If a person never start drinking they will never have to stop.

50. Self-control and insobriety are polar opposites.

51. A A meetings are attended only out of necessity.

52. Rehabilitation programs are expensive and time consuming.

53. Alcoholics are funny only on TV.

54. Those who don’t drink can enjoy exercise.

55. Those who don’t drink can have a higher energy-level.

56. Those who don’t drink can feel refreshed every morning.

57. Those who don’t drink can drive anywhere anytime.

58. Believers are called to a life of separation from the world (II Cor. 6:17).

59. Alcohol will ruin a Believer’s testimony.

60. What one person may do in moderation, others may do excessively.

61. Christians who drink cause their brothers and sisters to stumble (Rom. 14:21).

62. Intemperance dishonors Christ and must be strictly avoided.

63. A Bible in the right hand and a bourbon in the left is a contradiction.

64. Alcohol never satisfies: those who drink will want it again (Pv. 23:29-35).

65. Alcohol makes people stupid, which is the opposite of wisdom (Pv. 4:7).

66. Prophets and leaders are to totally abstain (Lev. 10:9 & Pv. 31:4-5). 

67. The Word of God explicitly forbids drunkenness (Isa. 5:11; Pv. 20:1, & Rom. 13:13).

68. A person can only be sober-minded if sober (I Tim. 3:2).

69. God’s people are to avoid wine (I Tim. 3:3-8).

70. Drunkenness fills people with sorrow (Ez. 23:33).

71. Inebriation is a work of the flesh, but temperance is a fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:21-22).

72. Drinking alcohol is viewed in Scripture as a useless, nocturnal activity (I Thess. 5:7).

73. Drunken parties are associated with lust, gluttony, anger, and fighting (Titus 1:7-8 & I Pet. 4:3)

74. No one is drawn closer to God because of alcohol.

75. Intoxication and prayer are not compatible.

76. One cannot be Rapture-ready and hung-over simultaneously (Mt. 24:44).

77. Drunkards will never enter heaven (I Cor. 6:10).

78. Because eternity is at stake, don’t tempt God by drinking.

79. If Jesus Christ is all-sufficient, Believers need nothing artificial.

80. Drunkenness is a phony, demonic, and deceptive substitute for being filled with the Holy Spirit of God (Eph. 5:18).


Beloved, you will note that none of the above reasons make drinking alcohol beneficial in any way, for all are negative.
I met Jesus personally in 1971, was delivered from drugs and alcohol instantly, and have been ‘on the wagon’ ever since – no regrets.
Thank God for the Teen Challenge program, from which I graduated in 1972.

These are only 80 reasons to totally abstain…….although there are hundreds.

Solomon summed it up best when he wrote,
“In the end, alcohol bites and stings like a snake”(Proverbs 23:32).

Maxim of the Moment

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