Bible Trivia Quiz

You may have to search hard to find some of the answers,
        but none are impossible to answer.

1. Name the four longest books in the Bible.

2. What two chapters in the Bible are the same?

3. What single chapter in the Bible contains the word “children” 99 times?

4. What Bible chapter contains 31 references to time?

5. Which single verse in the Bible contains every single letter of the English alphabet except the letter “J”?

6. Name the king who had 60 daughters.

7. Name the man who killed 70 of his brothers.

8. What being, who not an angel, walked and talked on earth, revealed to a man his sin – but after death, went neither to heaven or hell?

9. Name the man who, on a certain day each year, reduced his weight by about four pounds.

10. What unnamed woman had a death different from any other death, and after her death, her body was composed of what substance that is found in almost every kitchen in the world?

11. What is the longest name of any person in the Bible?

12. Which verse in the Bible refers to a man wiping the dishes?

13. Name the first person in the Bible to break all Ten Commandments.

14. What creature was born without a soul, but later “possessed” a soul, but died without a soul?

15. What man appeared on earth again after being dead for nearly 1,500 years?

16. Why didn’t Moses take bumblebees into the ark?

17. Why was Joseph buried in the Promised Land?

18. Where was Solomon’s Temple located?

19. Who killed one-fourth of all the people in the world?

20. How long was Noah in the belly of the whale?


Find them all?

If not, scroll on down to the bottom of this page…….












1. Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah & Genesis

2. II Kings 19 and Isaiah 37

3. Ezra 2

4. Ecclesiastes 3

5. Ezra 21

6. Rehoboam

7. Abimelech Judges 9

8. Baalam’s Donkey

9. Absolom   II Samuel 14:25

10. Lot’s Wife – salt

11. Mahershalalhashbaz

12. II Kings 21:13

13. Moses…when he broke the two tablets of stone

14. Jonah’s whale

15. Moses – on the Mount of Transfiguration

16. He didn’t…..Noah did. 

17. He was dead

18. On the side of his head

19. Cain..only his parents and Abel were on earth at that time

20. It wasn’t Noah….it was Jonah



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