Bible Intelligence Quiz E

This is Quiz E in a series of five quizzes of 30 questions each to test your knowledge of the Bible. For a real challenge, take all five at one setting—it will take you about an hour. The tests are lettered “A” through “E” and each set is comprised of different questions. After completing each BIQ, you can find the answers with the help of your Bible, a concordance or a Bible dictionary.

E1. Which of the New Testament books gives the most complete account of Jesus’ birth?
A. Matthew    
B. Mark    
C. Luke    
D. John      
E. both Matthew and John

E2.  Which of these epistles did Paul write to the owner of a runaway slave?   
A. Philippians
B. Philemon    
C. Titus    
D. Romans    
E. Colossians

E3. Jesus was from which of these tribes?   
A. Ephraim    
B. Levi    
C. Manasseh
D. Judah    
E. Asher

E4. Name the sea also known as the Sea of Tiberius      
A. Salt Sea    
B. Red Sea
C. Mediterranean    
D. Dead    
E. Sea of Galilee

E5. Which book records the parable of the Prodigal Son?     
A. Matthew    
B. Luke
C. Mark    
D. John    
E. Revelation

E6. To whom did Jesus ask the question “Why are you persecuting Me”?   
A. Antipas
B. Peter    
C. Pilate    
D. Herod    
E. None of the above

E7. On the Mount of Transfiguration, which two men appeared ?     
A. Peter and Paul
B. Elijah and Elisha    
C. Peter and Paul    
D. Moses and Elijah    
E. None of the above

E8. Which of these men did Jesus speak to from the cross?   
A. a centurion    
B. John
C. Luke    
D. Joseph    
E. None of the above

E9. Saul got saved while traveling to what city?     
A. Samaria    
B. Jerusalem
C. Damascus    
D. Bethlehem    
E. Rome

E10. To whom was the book of Acts addressed?     
A. Paul    
B. Peter    
C. John
D. Theophilus    
E. Andrew

E11. Which of the following did Paul raise from the dead?     
A. Mary    
B. Salome
C. Dorcas    
D. Demas    
E. None of the above

E12. What king gave the order to slice a baby in half?   
A. Ahab    
B. Herod
C. Solomon    
D. David    
E. Saul

E13. To what tribal group did Elijah belong?   
A. Amalekite    
B. Amorite    
C. Jebusite
D. Nazarite    
E. Tishbite

E14.  Who was primarily responsible for the building of the golden calf?   
A. Aaron
B. Achan    
C. Moses    
D. Joshua    
E. None of the above

E15. Noah was in the ark    
A. only 40 days    
B. Only 60 days    
C. Only 6 months
D. Only 9 months    
E. Over 12 months

E16. Who was bitten by a snake on the island of Malta?   
A. Paul    
B. Luke    
C. the father of Publius    
D. a soldier    
E. None of the above

E17. Name the most popular goddess in the city of Ephesus:   
A. Pegasus    
B. Thor    
C. Neptune    
D. Venus    
E. Diana

E18. The word “Pentateuch” refers to which of the following groups of books?   
A. Psalms
B. Poetical    
C. Wisdom Literature    
D. Prophetical    
E. Torah

E19. Name the second king of Israel    
A. Saul    
B. Jonathan    
C. Samuel
D. Hezekiah    
E. None of the above

E20. The book of II Samuel centers around which of these men?     
A. Solomon
B. Samson    
C. Abraham    
D. David    
E. Joshua

E21.  Who was the sister of Moses?   
A. Miriam    
B. Hanna    
C. Mary    
D. Ruth
E. Rachel

E22. Which book contains a detailed account of the division of the Promised Land among the
twelve tribes?   
A. Exodus    
B. Judges    
C. Hebrews    
D. Deuteronomy
E. Joshua
E23. Which of these men was David’s son?   
A. Jonathan    
B. Uriah    
C. Nathan
D. Joab    
E. Absolom

E24. To find out how many times a certain word is used in the Bible, you would use a
A. Bible Dictionary    
B. Bible Concordance    
C. Bible Commentary
D. Study Bible    
E. Bible Encyclopedia

E25. “Behold I stand at the door and knock” is part of a verse in    
A. Isaiah    
B. Proverbs
C. John    
D. Jude    
E. Revelation

E26. Which New Testament writer was a Pharisee?     
A. John    
B. Luke    
C. Matthew
D. Peter    
E. Paul

E27. Which of these men hid and fed 100 prophets in a cave?   
A. Jeremiah    
B. Nahum
C. Obadiah    
D. Amos    
E. Malachi

E28. God sent fire from heaven to burn a sacrifice on which of the following mountains?
A. Olivet    
B. Sinai    
C. Carmel    
D. Ebal    
F. Ararat

E29. Who led the Hebrews into the Promised Land?   
A. Moses    
B. Joshua
C. Jacob    
D. Samuel    
E. David

E30. Which of these women traveled with Ruth?   
A. Miriam    
B. Mary  
C. Hagar    
D. Rahab    
E. Naomi

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