Bible Intelligence Quiz C

This is Quiz C in a series of five quizzes of 30 questions each to test your knowledge of the Bible. For a real challenge, take all five at one setting—it will take you about an hour. The tests are lettered “A” through “E” and each set is comprised of different questions. After completing each BIQ, you can find the answers with the help of your Bible, a concordance or a Bible dictionary.

C1. Which man prayed that the heavens would not give rain?   
A. Elijah    
B. Elisha
C. Joshua    
D. Isaiah    
E. Jeremiah

C2. A lengthy description of a virtuous woman is found in which of the following books?
A. Song of Solomon    
B. Ecclesiastes    
C. Proverbs    
D. Psalms    
E. Job

C3. About how old was Jesus when He was baptized?     
A. 12    
B. 21    
C. 30
D. 35    
E. 40

C4. Which of the following men wrote two New Testament books?   
A. Luke    
B. Peter
C. James    
D.  A and B    
E. A and C

C5. Who were the two disciples who ran to Jesus’ tomb?   
A. Andrew and Thomas
B. James and John    
C. Matthew and Phillip    
D. Peter and John    
E. Peter and James

C6. Who was the first husband of Bathsheba?   
A. Saul    
B. Jonathan    
C. Uzziah
D. Uriah    
E. None of the above

C7. Which Bible translation is about 400 years old?   
A. New American Standard
B. King James    
C. Amplified    
D.  N.I.V.   
E. Phillips

C8. Which New Testament writers were brothers?   
A. James and John    
B. James and Jude
C. Luke and James    
D. Luke and John    
E. Paul and Silas

C9. “They were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak in other tongues” is found in:
A. Joel    
B. Jeremiah    
C. Acts    
D. Philippians    
E. Romans

C10. In which book is the life of Joseph recorded?   
A. Genesis    
B. Exodus    
C. I Samuel
D. II Samuel    
E. II Chronicles

C11. In what region was Ur located?   
A. Antioch    
B. Assyria    
C. Chaldea
D. Philistia    
E. Colossae

C12. “The wages of sin is death” is found in: 
A. Luke  
B. John  
C. Acts  
D. Romans  
E. Jude
C13. Two rulers who both ordered the execution of babies were:   
A. Pilate and Herod
B. Felix and Festus    
C. Bernice and Jezebel    
D. Pharaoh and Herod    
E. Ahab and Ahaz

C14. Who defeated the Medianites with only 300 men?   
A. Eli    
B. Saul    
C. Jonathan
D. David    
E. None of the above

C15. Which prophet foretold the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem?   
A. Micah
B. Amos    
C. Daniel    
D. Isaiah    
E. Zechariah
C16. Which of the following women protected the spies which Joshua sent?   
A. Miriam
B. Rahab    
C. Rachel    
D. Sapphira    
E. Mary

C17. The four letters known as the “Prison Epistles” are:   
A. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
B. John, I John, II John and III John    
C. Romans, I and II Corinthians and Titus
D. Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon and Philippians    
E. I and II Timothy, Jude and Titus

C18. How were Samuel and Hannah related?   
A. brother/sister    
B. father/daughter
C. son/mother    
D. uncle/niece    
E. grandson/grandmother

C19. The great battlefield in the book of Revelation is called:     
A. Jezreel    
B. Armageddon
C. Apocalypse    
D. Millennium    
E. Apollyon

C20. Who deserted Paul on his first missionary journey?   
A. Barnabas    
B. Demas
C. Timothy    
D. Silas    
E. None of the above

C21. Moses and Aaron were:   
A. uncle and nephew    
B. father and son  
C. grandfather and grandson    
D. brothers in law    
E. brother and brother

C22. Which book records the anointing of the first king of Israel?   
A. Joshua
B. Exodus    
C. Nehemiah    
D. Obadiah    
E. I Samuel

C23. Who wrote the last book of the Old Testament?     
A. David    
B. Micah
C. Haggai    
D. Zephaniah    
E. None of the above

C24. In which book is found the story of the Valley of Dry Bones?     
A. Daniel
B. Ezekiel    
C. Isaiah    
D. Jeremiah    
E. Amos

C25. Which books contains the list of the Fruits of the Spirit?   
A. Philippians
B. Romans    
C. Colossians    
D. Galatians    
E. Ephesians

C26. Over which of these kingdoms did Xerxes rule?   
A. Drachma    
B. Babylon
C. Macedonia    
D. Lebanon    
E. Persia

C27. Instead of going to Ninevah, which prophet ran to Tarshish?   
A. Nahum
B. Obadiah    
C. Jonah    
D. Elijah    
E. Ezekiel

C28. Which prophet did Peter quote on the day of Pentecost concerning the Holy Spirit?
A. Joel    
B. Micah    
C. Amos    
D. Daniel    
E. None of the above
C29. “The truth shall make you free” are the words of:       
A. Paul    
B. Peter
C. James    
D. Thomas    
E. Jesus

C30. Which of the following women did Jacob marry?   
A. Ruth    
B. Miriam
C. Rachel    
D. Elizabeth    
E. None of the above

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