Bible Intelligence Quiz B

This is Quiz B in a series of five quizzes of 30 questions each to test your knowledge of the Bible. For a real challenge, take all five at one setting—it will take you about an hour. The tests are lettered “A” through “E” and each set is comprised of different questions. After completing each BIQ, you can find the answers with the help of your Bible, a concordance or a Bible dictionary.

B1. What river connects the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee?     
A. Nile    
B. Jordan
C. Ganges    
D. Euphrates    
E. None of the above

B2. Who said “He must increase, but I must decrease”?   
A. John the Apostle
B. Mary, Jesus’ mother    
C. John the Baptist    
D. Paul    
E. Peter

B3. Who wrote the book of Proverbs?     
A. Samuel    
B. Jeremiah    
C. Moses
D. David    
E. Solomon

B4. Which of these books is of unknown authorship?   
A. Romans    
B. Exodus
C. Acts    
D. Hebrews    
E. I Timothy

B5. What was the occupation of Lydia?   
A. servant    
B. seller of purple cloth
C. medical doctor    
D. winemaker    
E. teacher

B6. In what city was Lazarus raised from the dead?   
A. Cana    
B. Berea    
C. Jericho
D. Capernaum    
E. None of the above

B7. Who was the author of more than half the Psalms?   
A. Solomon    
B. David
C. Samuel    
D. Jeremiah    
E. Moses

B8. Which book speaks of the priesthood of Melchizedek?   
A. II Peter    
B. II John
C. Jude    
D. Revelation    
E. Hebrews

B9. Name Saul’s youngest daughter who became David’s wife:   
A. Rahab    
B. Sarah
C. Rachael      
D. Michal    
E. Orpah

B10. Which book gives the account of Stephen’s death?   
A. John    
B. Acts    
C. Philemon
D. Philippians    
E. III John

B11. In Romans, what person is used as an example to prove that we are justified by faith?
A. Jacob    
B. Elijah    
C. Paul    
D. Abraham    
E. Joshua

B12. Noah’s ark came to rest on which of these mountains?   
A. Ebal    
B. Ararat
C. Sinai    
D. Olivet    
E. Carmel

B13. Who was Jesus’ first cousin?   
A. Luke    
B. Cephas    
C. Thomas
D. John the Baptist    
E. None of the above

B14. To which disciple did Jesus say “Get thee behind me, Satan”?     
A. Judas    
B. Thomas
C. Mark    
D. Luke    
E. Peter
B15. To what island was John the Apostle banished?   
A. Crete    
B. Melita
C. Patmos    
D. Cyrus    
E. Malta

B16. Who did not want Jesus to wash his feet?   
A. Peter    
B. Matthew    
C. Judas
D. Silas    
E. Timothy

B17. David was king closest to which of the following dates?   
A. 700 BC    
B. 1000 BC
C. 1200 BC    
D. 1400 BC    
E. 1500 BC

B18. How many books did Jeremiah write?   
A.  1    
B.  2    
C.  3    
D.  4    
E.  5      

B19. How many sons did Jacob have?   
A. 3    
B. 5    
C. 7    
D. 10    
E. 12

B20. Which woman did God punish by giving her leprosy?     
A. Deborah    
B. Orpha
C. Lot’s wife    
D. Job’s wife    
E. Miriam

B21. What was the relationship of Hosea and Gomer?   
A. brother/sister    
B. father/daughter
C. husband/wife    
D. master/servant    
E. mother/daughter

B22. The “Septuagint” is:     
A. a modern translation of the Old Testament
B. a Greek translation of the Old Testament    
C. a Hebrew translation of the New Testament
D. a Latin translation of the Old Testament      
E.  None of the above

B23. Which of the following words is most closely associated with the Southern Kingdom of Israel?
A. Persia    
B. Canaan    
C. Jericho    
D. Rome    
E. Judah

B24. In which of the following books do we find an evil man named Haman?   
A. Daniel
B. Esther    
C. Amos    
D. Isaiah    
E. Exodus

B25. What was another name for Peter?   
A. Andrew    
B. Cephas    
C. Silas    
D. Demas    
E. Titus

B26. Which book records Christ’s genealogy from Abraham?   
A. Genesis
B. Matthew    
C. Mark    
D. Luke    
E. John

B27. In which book does Jesus refer to Himself as “The Bread of Life”?   
A. Matthew
B. Mark    
C. Luke    
D. John    
E. Acts

B28. Which of these events came first in Israel’s history?  Their captivity in:   
A.  Egypt
B.  Babylon    
C.  Assyria    
D.  Macedonia      
E.  the Roman Empire

B29. Whose bones were carried throughout the desert for 40 years?   
A. Moses
B. Joshua    
C. Abraham    
D. Joseph    
E. Elisha

B30. Which disciple found money in the mouth of a fish?   
A. Thomas    
B. James
C. Andrew    
D. John    
E. None of the above

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