Bible Intelligence Quiz A

This is Quiz A in a series of five quizzes of 30 questions each to test your knowledge of the Bible. For a real challenge, take all five at one setting—it will take you about an hour. The tests are lettered “A” through “E” and each set is comprised of different questions. After completing each BIQ, you can find the answers with the help of your Bible, a concordance or a Bible dictionary.
A1. “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” is a verse found in which of the following books?   
A. Ezra    
B. Ephesians    
C. Romans  
D. Isaiah    
E. Job

A2. How many years did the Israelites wander in the wilderness?   
A. 20    
B. 30    
C. 40    
D. 50    
E. 70

A3. Paul was beheaded for his faith in Christ closest to which of the following dates?
A. 35 AD    
B. 40 AD    
C. 50 AD  
D. 55 AD    
E. 65 AD

A4. Which book contains the account of the world-wide flood?   
A. Genesis    
B. Exodus
C. Leviticus    
D. Deuteronomy    
E. None of the above

A5. Which book contains the story of Samson and Delilah?   
A. Acts    
B. II Samuel
C. II Kings    
D. Judges    
E. Jeremiah

A6. Which of these men were taken out of this world without dying? 
A. Noah and Jonah
B. David and Enoch    
C. Jonah and Elijah    
D. Paul and Silas    
E. Elijah and Enoch

A7. What world empire was in power when Paul made his missionary journeys?
A. Greece    
B. Rome    
C. Persian    
D. Egypt    
E. Babylon

A8. How many days did Jesus remain on earth after His resurrection?   
A. 7    
B. 12
C. 33    
D. 40    
E. 70

A9. Which judge of Israel used a fleece to determine the will of God?   
A. Samson
B. Ahaz    
C. Ahab    
D. Gideon    
E. Noah

A10. Who is the author of II Timothy?   
A. John    
B. Luke    
C. Paul    
D. Jude
E. Unknown

A11. What is the relationship of Aquila and Pricilla?   
A. Aunt/Uncle    
B. Brother/Sister
C. Master/Slave    
D. Husband/Wife    
E. Mother/Daughter

A12. In which of these cities did the silversmiths start a riot?   
A. Colossae    
B. Ephesus
C. Rome    
D. Corinth    
E. None of the above

A13. In which book is the story of the three men in the fiery furnace found?   
A. Daniel
B. Ezekiel    
C. Exodus    
D. Genesis    
E. I Kings
A14. Which book tells of the 144,000 who are sealed?   
A. I Thessalonians    
B. II Peter
C. Revelation    
D. Jude  
E. I Peter

A15. Which of these men came to Jesus at night?   
A. Zacharias    
B. John the Baptist
C. Thomas    
D. Nicodemus    
E. Andrew        

A16. Which book contains the words “Ye must be born again” ?
A. Acts    
B. Matthew    
C. Luke    
D. John    
E. Mark

A17. Who was the father of David?
A. Jesse    
B. John    
C. Judah    
D. Jude    
E. Jonathan

A18. Which chapter in the Bible is known as “The Faith Chapter” ?     
A.. John 3
B. II Peter 2    
C. Ephesians 5    
D. Hebrews 11    
E. John 10

A19. Who wiped the feet of Jesus with her hair?     
A. Martha    
B. Joanna
C. Dorcas    
D. Mary    
E. Lydia

A20. Ravens brought bread to which of the following prophets?   
A. Elisha    
B. Elijah
C. John the Baptist    
D. Hulda    
E. Omri

A21. During which of these periods did Paul minister?   
A.  4-30 AD    
B. 20-75 AD
C. 30-65 AD    
D. 45-80 AD    
E. 55-90 AD

A22. Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar all gave advice to whom?   
A. David    
B. Saul
C. Jacob    
D. Noah    
E. None of the above

A23. Moses sent 12 men to spy on which nation?   
A. Canaan    
B. Egypt  
C. Babylon
D. Syria    
E. None of the above

A24. To which of the following disciples did Jesus entrust the care of His mother?   
A. Thomas
B. John    
C. Peter    
D. James    
E. Andrew

A25. What was the relationship of David to Solomon?   
A. brother/brother    
B. uncle/nephew
C. father/son    
D. grandfather/grandson    
E. None of the above

A26. Who found honey in the carcass of a lion?   
A. Bildad    
B. Elijah    
C. Samson
D. Elisha    
E. Esau

A27. Which of the following kings saw handwriting on his palace wall?   
A. Nebuchadnezzar
B. Herod    
C. Pilate    
D. David    
E. Belshazzar
A28. Which book records the story of the day the sun stood still?   
A. Genesis    
B. Amos
C. Hosea    
D. Joshua    
E. Ruth

A29. Which of these kings ruled over the undivided kingdom of Israel?   
A. Hezekiah
B. David    
C. Uzziah    
D. Josiah    
E. Jehoiakim

A30. Which book contains the account of Saul’s conversion?   
A. Acts    
B. John  
C. Mark    
D. Titus    
E. Luke

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