James 5:  Wealth, Patience, and Prayer

1. What does James say about rich men? 5:1-3

2. What is sure about those who set their affections on
      material things?  I Timothy 6:9

3. According to I Timothy 6:7, what is certain?

4. According to Proverbs 10:22, what are true riches?

5. According to Proverbs 11:28, what will happen to those who trust in riches?

6. According to Proverbs 23:4, what should we not work for?

7. What happened to the young person in Matthew 19:22?

8. According to the story in Mark 4:19, what can money do?

9. According to Luke 12:15, what are we to beware of?

10. According to I Timothy 6:4, what might a proud person compare riches to?

11. What group of men serve as an example of suffering affliction and patience?  5:10

12. What is said about taking an oath in 5:12?

13. What should the afflicted do? 5:13

14. How can a Christian express his/her joy?  5:13

15. Who should pray for a sick brother or sister?  5:14

16. What can anointing oil represent? Write a verse that proves this.

17. Who were instructed to anoint with oil when praying for the sick?  Mark 6:13

18. Along with sickness, what else can prayer take care of?  5:15

19. Who is most likely to get their prayers answered? 5:16

20. Define the term β€œ fervent.”  5:16

21. What are we to confess to one another?  5:16

22. What happened the first time Elias prayed? 5:17

23. What happened the second time he prayed? 5:18

24. What happens when we help a sinner from the error of his way? 5:19-20


Research and define the following terms from the book of James. (KJV)

A. Wanton

B. Temptation

C. Upbraideth

D. Wavering/wavereth

E.  Enticed

F. Variableness

G. Superfluity

H. Naughtiness

I. Engraffed    

J. Vile  

K. Iniquity

L. Transgressors

M. Sensual

N. Enmity

O. Vain

P.  Sabaoth ( Note: this is a different word than ” Sabbath ” )


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