James 4:  Worldly-mindedness and Double-mindedness

1. Define “lust,” using several sources. Fully define this term.

2. Who is especially grieved by sin and lust?  Ephesians 4:30

3. Why do lustful and greedy people often receive nothing?  4:3

4. What can hinder our fellowship with God?  4:4

5. According to I John 2:15, what are we warned not to love?

6. What must we be willing to do in order to receive God’s best?  I John 3:22

7. According to I John 2:15, what two things can’t we serve at the same time?

8. What does Jesus say about this subject in Matthew 6:24 and Luke 16:13?

9. In 4:6, which Old Testament book is James quoting and why?

10. When we resist the devil, what happens? 4:7

11. What is our best defense against the devil and his temptations?  I Peter 5:8-9

12. When we draw night to God, what happens? 4:8

13.What happens when we humble ourselves?  4:10

14. What type of person is more likely to receive grace?  I Peter 5:5 and Matthew 23:12

15. What happens when we speak evil of our brother? 4:11

16. What does James say about those who judge others? 4:11

17. What does James say about this life? 4:14

18. Should be rejoice in boasting?  Why or why not? 4:15-16

19. According to James, what is sin? 4:17

Maxim of the Moment

You can’t go forward looking backwards. - Tommy Barnett