Quiz! Unusual Men Who Do Uncommon Things

Using a Concordance, find the men who did unusual things in the Bible.

1. Who sets fire to the tails of 300 foxes?    Jud. 15
2. Who is the first man to have more than one wife?    Gen. 4    
3. Who once refers to his wife as a “hefer”?    Jud. 14
4. What man uses a stone for a pillow?    Gen. 28
5. Which apostle do some people hope has healing powers in his shadow?    Acts 5
6. Which man’s name contains the most letters?    Isa. 8
7. Which two prophets are burned alive for committing adultery?    Jer. 29
8. Which vain man has about six pounds of his hair cut off annually?    II Sam. 14
9. Who takes off his shoe to confirm a verbal contract?    Ruth 4
10. What sorcerer is struck with blindness?    Acts 13
11. What Bible character has 15 years added to his life?    Isa. 38
12. Who is seduced by his daughter-in-law while she is in disguise?    Gen. 38
13. Who tells angels to wash their feet?    Gen. 19
14. Who says he sees Satan falling from heaven?    Lk. 10
15. Who kills 600 men with an ox-goad?    Jud. 3
16. Who kills 800 men with a spear?    II Sam. 2322.
17. Who kills 300 men with his own spear?    I Chron. 11
18. What man performs a surgical procedure with a flint knife?    Josh. 5
19. What man wishes he had never been born?    Job 3
20. Who walks around barefoot for three years?    Isa. 20
21. What is unusual about the race of Zamzummims?    Deut. 22
22. What boy-king is hidden for 6 years to escape the wrath of his grandmother?    II Kgs. 11
23. Who in the New Testament eats a book and gets indigestion?    Rev. 10
24. Who in the Old Testament eats a book and finds it sweet?    Ez. 2
25. Who burns a live snake?    Acts 28
26. Who drives his chariot furiously?    II Kgs. 9
27. What man has his lips touched with a hot coal?    Isa. 6
28. What man grows hair like eagle feathers and fingernails like bird claws?    Dan. 4
29. What do Eutychus, Lazarus, and the Widow of Nain’s son all have in common?    Acts 20; John 11 & Luke 7
30. Who asks God to put his tears in a bottle?    Ps. 58




Maxim of the Moment

God will bless the man who blesses his wife.