Quiz! The Book of Acts: Character Search

Provide the name that matches each question.

1._________________________Who is the subject of Luke’s “former treatise” (1:1)?

2._________________________Name the new disciple selected to replace Judas (1:26).

3._________________________Who gets the “preaching assignment” on the day of Pentecost (2:14)?

4._________________________Which two disciples are involved in a miracle as chapter three opens?
List the 5 Old Testament persons Peter mentions in his message in 3:13-24.

6.__________________________Name the man known as the “Son of Consolation” in 4:36.

7.__________________________What Person of the Trinity does Peter say Ananias and Sapphira have offended (5:3-9)?

8.__________________________Whose shadow do people hope will heal them (5:15)?

9.__________________________What group complains in 6:1?

10._________________________What group of men are “obedient to the faith” (6:7)?

11. _________________________Name the two false gods listed in 7:43.

12. _________________________Who goes on a preaching trip in 8:5?

13. _________________________Who has a conversation with Jesus in 9:4?

14.__________________________By what other name is Dorcas known (9:36)?

15.__________________________Who has a vision in 10:9-11?

16.__________________________Who does Barnabas seek as a co-worker (11:25)?

17.__________________________Who is the prophet named in 11:28?

18.__________________________Who is killed in the opening verses of Ch. 12?

19.__________________________Who kills Herod (12:23)?

20. _________________________Who is named as a sorcerer in 13:8?

21.__________________________Who comes back the next Sabbath to hear the Gospel (13:44)?

22..__________________________Who is Barnabas called in 14:12?

23.__________________________What men speak to the crowd in 15:12?

24.__________________________Who does Paul take with him in 15:40?

25.__________________________What disciple is introduced to us as chapter 16 opens?

26.__________________________Who is the “other king” referred to in 17:7?

27.__________________________Who opens his home to Paul in 18:7?

28.__________________________Who does God use to teach Apollos more about Jesus (18:26)?

29. __________________________Who are the men “torn up”’ in 19:14?

30.___________________________Name the boy who dies and is raised from the dead (20:9).

31.___________________________Who is the host for Paul and his friends in 21:8?

32.___________________________Who does Paul meet with in 21:18?

33.___________________________Who speaks to Paul in 22:12?

34.___________________________Who warns Paul about the plot to kill him (23:14-16)?

35.___________________________Who is the ruler in 25:1-4?

36.___________________________Who does Paul call an “expert” in the opening verses of Ch 26?

37.___________________________Who does the centurion believe in 27:11?

38.___________________________Who lets down a lifeboat and hopes to escape (27:30)?

39.___________________________Name the chief of the island (28:7).

40.___________________________What group of people is Paul sure will receive the Gospel (28:28)?

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