Quiz! Pentateuch: I.D. These Characters

The identity of the character is found in the Bible chapter listed at the end of each of the following statements.

1. I was the brother of Moses and the first High Priest of Israel.    (Ex. 28)
2. I threw my rod down in front of Pharaoh and it became a snake.  (Ex. 7)
3. We held up the hands of Moses during a battle with the Amalekites.  (Ex. 17)
4. I took Abraham’s wife but returned her to him when I was told she was married.  (Gen. 20)
5. God told me to sacrifice my son upon an altar. (Gen. 22)
6. I lived for 930 years.    (Gen. 5)
7. We blinded the men of Sodom.    (Gen. 19)
8. My donkey talked to me.  (Num. 22)
9. I am the Moabite king who wanted to curse the nation of Israel.  (Num. 22)
10. I was named by my father Jacob at the bedside of my dying mother.  (Gen. 35)
11. I had to go to Egypt with my brothers to report to Joseph.        (Gen. 42)
12. I was the very first child born to Adam and Eve.  (Gen. 4)
13. I asked God the question “Am I my brother’s keeper”?    (Gen. 4)
14. Joshua and I were sent as spies into the Promised Land.  (Num. 14)
15. I lived for 365 years.    (Gen. 5)
16. I walked with God and one day He took me directly to heaven.  (Gen. 5)
17. I was the oldest son of Isaac and the twin brother of Jacob.      (Gen. 25)
18. I sold my birthright to my bother for a bowl of beans.    (Gen. 25)
19. I sinned and was cursed for not obeying God’s command.  (Gen. 3)
20. I said it was not good that man be alone.  (Gen. 2)
21. I was the first son born to Abraham and Hagar.  (Gen. 16)
22. My brother Isaac and I buried Abraham.  (Gen. 25)
23. Although my parents named me, God gave me a new name.    (Gen. 32)
24. I had a dream regarding a ladder that reached to heaven.  (Gen. 28)
25. I wrestled with an angel all night long.  (Gen. 32)
26. I had twelve sons and each became a head of a tribe in Israel.    (Gen. 35)
27. I am the father-in-law of Moses.  (Ex. 3)
28. I am the mother of Moses.    (Num. 26) 
29. I was sold by my brothers for twenty pieces of silver.  (Gen. 37)
30. I interpreted the dream of the king’s chief baker.  (Gen. 40)
31. I spurned the advances of Potiphar’s wife.    (Gen. 39)
32. God filled me with the spirit of wisdom.    (Deut. 34)
33.   Moses promised me that the Lord would never forsake me.    (Deut 31)
34. I led a revolt against Moses.    (Num. 16)
35. I was Noah’s father.  (Gen. 5)
36. I was the mother of Levi.  (Gen. 29)
37. Jacob served me for fourteen years in order to marry my two daughters.  (Gen. 29)
38. I was Abraham’s nephew.    (Gen. 12)
39. I left Egypt with Abram and Sarai. (Gen. 12)
40. I disobeyed the Lord’s command and became a pillar of salt. (Gen. 19)
41. Abraham paid tithes to me.    (Gen. 14)
42. I am the sister of Aaron.    (Ex. 15)
43. I led the Israelites in singing and dancing after crossing the Red Sea   (Ex. 15)
44. I rebelled against my brother’s leadership and became leprous.    (Num. 12)
45. I killed an Egyptian and escaped to Midian.  (Ex. 2)
46. I sent a dozen spies into the land of the Amorites.    (Deut. 1)
47. My face became radiant after I spoke with God.  (Ex. 34)
48. We were two sons of Aaron killed because we offered a presumptuous sacrifice.  (Num. 26)
49. I am the father of Shem, Ham, and Japheth.  (Gen. 6)
50. I called for Joseph because I wanted him to interpret my dream.  (Gen. 41)
51. I found baby Moses floating in the Nile river in a basket.    (Ex. 2)
52. I purchased Joseph to be my slave.    (Gen. 37)
53. I am a girl whose father’s name was Laban.  (Gen. 29) 
54. I stole idols from my father’s house when I left to go to Canaan.    (Gen. 31)
55. I was a special comfort to Isaac after his mother died.  (Gen. 24)
56. I am Jacob’s first son.  (Gen. 29)
57. I was 90 years old when my son was born. (Gen. 17)
58. I tempted Eve to disobey God.  (Gen. 3)
59. We are the three sons of Noah. (Gen. 6)
60. I was the wife of Moses.  (Ex. 2)

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