Quiz! Men in the Bible

Using a Concordance, identify the men in the following questions.

1. Who is the first person in the Bible recorded as drunk?_______________________
2. Who cooks fish on a beach for his friends?__________________
3. What Bible author compares wine with snakebite?_________________
4. Who has a boss who changes his wages ten times?__________________
5. Who is the first blacksmith mentioned in the Bible?__________________
6. Who is the first shepherd mentioned in the Bible?__________________
7. Who is Jeremiah’s secretary?________________________
8. What man, as recorded in the Gospels, lives in a cemetery?________________________
9. Who kills his 70 brothers on a stone?___________________
10. What very fat man is stabbed to death?________________
11. What two Hebrews are embalmed in Egypt?__________________________
12. Who is the first of the 12 apostles to be murdered?_____________________
13. What do Samson, King Saul, King Saul’s armor-bearer, and Judas Iscariot all have in common?__________________
14. What blind man kills thousands of people at a religious feast?_______________
15. What king has 70 sons whose heads are later carried off in baskets?_________________
16. What prophet pronounces a curse on some children for calling him names?______________
17. What penalty is commanded in the Pentateuch for a disobedient son?____________
18. Who cries after kissing a beautiful girl?__________________
19. What group of men are struck blind because they want to have sex with angels?__________
20. What 8-year old boy is king of Jerusalem for 100 days?  __________________




1. NOAH   Gen. 9
2. JESUS   Jn. 2
3. SOLOMON Pv. 23
4. JACOB   Gen. 31
5. TUBAL-CAIN   Gen. 4
6. ABEL   Gen. 4
7. BARUCH   Jer. 36
11. JACOB & JOSEPH   Gen. 50
12. JAMES   Acts 2
13. ALL WERE SUICIDES   Jud. 16     I Sam. 31   Mt. 27
14. SAMSON   Jud. 16
15. AHAB   II Kgs. 10
16. ELISHA   II Kgs. 2
17. DEATH BY STONING   Deut. 21
18. JACOB Gen. 29
19. SODOMITES Gen. 19
20. JEHOIACHIN   II Chron. 36








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