Quiz! Historical Books: Who Am I?

1.  I was a tall man who became the first king of Israel. My son Jonathan was David’s best friend.

2.  I spied out the land of Canaan and brought back a good report. I became the leader of Israel after Moses died.

3.  I defeated the Midianites with only 300 men. I put out a fleece to determine the will of God.

4.  I protected the spies which Joshua sent into my city. I put a scarlet sash in my window.

5.  I was the king who was given a choice by God of three different types of punishment for my sin.

6.  I hated my half-brother, Amnon, for raping my sister, Tamar. I eventually killed him.

7.  I was lame in both my feet. King David let me eat everyday at his table.

8.  I rebelled against my father, David. While riding through the woods, my long hair got caught in branches and David’s men killed me.

9.  Elijah the prophet, who I hated, predicted I would die and that dogs would lick up my blood.

10.  I saw 2 female bears maul 42 children because they made fun of me.

11.  My husband, David, danced before the Lord when the ark was brought into Jerusalem. I despised him for that.

12.  I ordered the execution of 400 priests of Baal.

13.  I was the great-grandmother of King David.

14.  I had a wicked son named Jeroboam who ruled Israel after the kingdom was divided.

15.  I was a relative of Queen Esther. I reported an assassination plot to kill the king and saved his life.

16.  I said to David “Thou art the man!”

17.  I became famous for rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.

18.  I was Moses’ successor and became the leader of Israel.

19.  I was a king who gave an order to cut a baby in half.

20. I am a king who beheaded 70 children, killed 42 brothers and destroyed a house full of idol-worshippers.

21.  I was taken up into heaven in a chariot of fire.

22.  I built a gallows 75 feet high to hang a man I hated. I was executed there instead.

23.  I am the ruler who captured Judah, destroyed Jerusalem and carried off the Jews as captives to Babylon.

24.  I saw the finger of God write on my palace wall. God foretold that I would lose my kingdom because of my wickedness.

25.  I was Belshazzar’s dad.

26.  The Philistines hired me to find out why Samson was so strong. Samson told me and I betrayed him.

27.  After my husband was killed, I became David’s wife. Our First child died, but later we had another child who survived and later built the temple.

28.  I wrote about half of the Psalms, was a shepherd, played the Harp and became a King of Israel.

29.  I wrote the books of Ecclesiastes and Proverbs. Later in my life, I married women from foreign countries who influenced me to worship their false gods.

30.  One day I got so mad at David, I threw my javelin at him!

31.  I was the husband of Jezebel.

32.  I was the first husband of Bathsheba.

33.  I was a prophetess and military leader in Israel during the era of the Judges.


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