Quiz! Gospels: Identify the Authors

This inductive study concerns the Gospel writers. Using clues contained in each question, search the Gospels to discover the answers. Note the term “synoptic” or “synoptic Gospels” refers only to Matthew, Mark and Luke. Some answers require research outside the Bible texts. A concordance and Bible dictionary will prove beneficial.

1. Of the four Gospel authors, which one is a fisherman?

2. Which synoptic Gospel contains the parable of the Prodigal Son?

3. Which of the synoptic authors is probably the youngest?

4. Which Gospel authors also wrote other books in the New Testament?

5. Which two synoptic authors give the most complete information about the Nativity?

6. Which synoptic author uses terms and phrases common to Roman army life?

7. Which author wrote their Gospel after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.?

8. Which synoptic author uses more Old Testament prophetic quotes than the other two?

9. Which author writes with the clear purpose of proving Jesus is indeed the Jewish Messiah?

10. Which author is known as an accurate historian, skilled in Greek, and is also a medical doctor?

11. Which author does not bother to explain very much about Jewish laws and customs to his readers?

12. Which of the four authors is a tax-collector?

13. Which of the four authors records the words of Jesus, “I am the true vine”?

14. Which author is not an actual eye-witness of Jesus’ ministry?

15. Of the four Gospel authors, Luke contains the most parables. True or False?

16. Over 90% of the material found in John’s Gospel is not found in the synoptic Gospels. True or False?

17. More of Jesus’ sermons are recorded in Mark than any other Gospel. True or False?

18. The author of John is actually one of the twelve disciples. True or False? 

19. Which Gospel author introduces Jesus Christ as “the Word”?

20. Which Gospel portrays Jesus as a man of action, rather than focusing on His sermons and teachings?

21. Which author places special emphasis upon Jesus’ healing ministry?

22. Which author uses the phrase “the Kingdom of Heaven” more than the others?

23. Which of the Gospel writers disappoints the apostle Paul, but later becomes a blessing to him?

24. Which Gospel author is also known as “Levi”?

25. Which author places strong emphasis on Jesus Christ as “the Son of God”?

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