Quiz! Getting to Know Jesus

1. What is Jesus’ first miracle?  (John 2:6-11)

2. Jesus heals the mother-in-law of which disciple?  (Mark 1:30-31)

3. On what occasion does Jesus write in the sand?  (John 8:4-6)

4. What is the last miracles Jesus performs before His crucifixion?  (Luke 22:50-51)

5. Where do Joseph and Mary find Jesus after He ‘went missing’?  (Luke 2:4-6)

6. What is Jesus’ final command to Peter, according to John 21:19 & 22?

7. According to John 1:29, what does John the Baptist say when He first sees Jesus?

8. From what mountain does Jesus ascend into heaven?  (Acts 1:9-12)

9. Which disciple finds money in the mouth of a fish?  (Matthew 17:26-27)

10. Who does Jesus call an “fox” ?  (Luke 13:31-32)

11. What does Peter say to Jesus in Matthew 16:16?

12. To whom does Jesus say “Man shall not live by bread alone?”  (Matthew 4:1-4)

13. How many demons does Jesus cast out of Mary Magdalene?  (Luke 8:2)

14. Who does Jesus speak to about “living water”?  (John 4:10)

15. What words does the Father say at Jesus’ baptism?  (Mark 1:9-11)

16. To whom does Jesus say “Allow the little children to come unto Me”?  (Matthew 19:13-14)

17. To whom does Jesus say, “Blessed are they who have not seen and yet have believed”? (John 20:29)

18. What does Jesus do for a man in the country of the Gadarenes?  (Luke 8:26-32)

19. By what does Jesus say every tree is known?  (Luke 6:44)

20. “Mount Calvary” is also known by another name. What is it?  (Matthew 27:33)

21. On the Mount of Transfiguration, two men miraculously appear beside Jesus.
      Who are they? (Luke 9:30)

22. Jesus appears to Paul when he is on the road to what city? (Acts 9:3-6)

23. How many days does Jesus remain on earth after His resurrection? (Acts 1:3)

24. What are Jesus’ final words from the cross? (John 19:30)

25. How is Jesus’ mother related to Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist?  (Luke 1:36)

26. According to John 4:46-54, whose son is healed?

27. What does Jesus call Himself in John 6:48?

28. What does Jesus call Himself in John 11:25?

29. To whom do Paul and Silas say, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved”?  (Acts 16:27-31)

30. An angel tells Joseph in a dream to flee with Mary and Jesus to what country?  (Matthew 2:13)

31.In Luke’s account of the Parable of the Sower, what does the seed represents?  (Mark 4:14)

32. The Sermon on the Mount is recorded in which three chapters of Matthew?

33. What does Jesus say from the cross in Luke 23:34?

34. After someone asks Jesus, “Who is my neighbor,” what parable does He teach?  (Luke 10:29-37)

35. What does Jesus say is the only sin that cannot be forgiven?  (Matthew 12:32)

36. In Matthew 13:44, what comparison does Jesus make regarding the Kingdom of God? 

37. What do five wise girls take with them, according to Matthew 25:4?

38. What miracle does Jesus perform for Jairus’ daughter?

39. When Jesus says “Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar”  – what is He holding in His hand? (Mark 12:15-16)

40. Name the person who asks for the body of Jesus.  (Matthew 27:57-58)

41. Name the man who helps Jesus carry His cross.  (Mark 15:21)

42. What does Jesus call Himself in Revelation 22:13?

43. How much is Judas paid to betray Jesus?  (Matthew 26:15)

44. To whom does Jesus say, “Why are you persecuting Me?”  (Acts 9:4)

45. We are unworthy of Christ if we refuse to do what?  (Matthew 10:38)

46. What does Jesus call Himself in John 15:1?

47. What does Jesus instruct Peter to do in John 21:16?

48. What two things are provided through Jesus Christ?  (John 1:17)

49. What do the people shout as Jesus enters Jerusalem?  (John 12:13)

50. According to John 3:3, what does Jesus say is necessary for a person to enter the Kingdom of God? 

Maxim of the Moment

The bankrupt man is the man who has lost his enthusiasm. - H.W. Arnold