Jesus: Chronological Resistance to His Ministry

Herod searches for the Child to kill Him – Matthew 2:13-16

Jews demand a sign from Jesus to prove His authority – John 2:18

A mob takes Jesus out of town and prepare to throw Him off a cliff – Luke 4:28-29  

Teachers of the law say to themselves, “This fellow is blaspheming!” – Mark 2:7

Pharisees and teachers of the law ask why Jesus eats with sinners – Matthew 9:11

Because Jesus teaches on the Sabbath, the Jews persecute and try all the harder to kill Him – John 5:16-18

Pharisees accuse the disciples of breaking the Sabbath – Luke 6:2

Pharisees and teachers of the law watch Jesus closely in order to accuse Him of He heals on the Sabbath – Mark 3:2      

Jesus is accused of being a glutton, a drunk, and a friend of sinners – Matthew 11:18-19

A Pharisee says to himself, “If this man was a prophet, he’d know the woman touching him is a sinner” – Luke 7:39      

Bigoted teachers of the law from Jerusalem charge Jesus with being demon-possessed and driving out demons via the prince of demons – Mark 3:22

Jews take offense and question the source of Jesus powers and actions – Matthew 13:56-57  

Jews ask, “Isn’t this the son of Joseph? How can he say he came down from heaven?” – John 6:42

Pharisees and teachers of the law accuse the disciples of breaking the tradition of the elders by not washing their hands before they eat – Mark 7:5

Pharisees and Sadducees test Jesus by asking Him to show them a sign from heaven – Matthew 16:1

His enemies attempt to seize Him, but do not, because ‘His time has not yet come’ – John 7:30

Chief priests and Pharisees send temple guards to arrest Jesus – John 7:32

Pharisees challenge Jesus, saying His testimony is invalid – John 8:13

Jews accuse Jesus of being demon-possessed and attempt to stone Him – John 8:48-59    

Jesus is accused of driving out demons by Beelzebub; others test Him by asking for a sign from heaven – Luke 11:15-16

Pharisees and teachers of the law oppose Him fiercely and besiege Him with questions, hoping to trip Him up verbally – Luke 11:53-54  

Leaders are indignant because Jesus heals on the Sabbath – Luke 13:14

The Jews decide anyone who acknowledges Jesus as the Messiah will be put out of the synagogue – John 9:22        

Many say Jesus is demon-possessed and raving mad – why listen to Him? – John 10:20

The Jews demand that Jesus tell them plainly if He is the Christ – John 10:24    

The Sanhedrin seek to provoke Jesus, hoping He will contradict Himself, that they might accuse Him – John 11:53-54

The Jews pick up stones to stone Jesus to death – John 20:31

Pharisees come to Jesus, telling Him to leave because of Herod’s death-threat against Him – Luke 13:31        

When Jesus goes to eat at the home of a prominent Pharisee He is carefully watched – Luke 14:1          

Pharisees and teachers of the law complain that Jesus welcomes sinners – and even eats with them – Luke 15:1          

The Pharisees, who love money, sneer at Jesus – Luke 16:14

Pharisees test Jesus by asking Him about the lawfulness of divorce – Matthew 19:3

Chief priests and leaders continue to attempt to kill Jesus – Mark 11:18

In the temple, elders and chief priests ask Jesus about His authority – Luke 20:1-2      

Jewish leaders seek a way to arrest Jesus immediately after He teaches the parable of the Vineyard, knowing He has targeted them with His teaching – Luke 20:19

Pharisees and Herodians are sent to catch Jesus with His own words then use this against Him – Matthew 22:15-16

Chief priests and teachers continue to look for innovative ways to arrest Jesus and kill Him – Matthew 26:4      

Judas goes to the chief priests to betray Jesus – Matthew 26:14-15  

The High Priest questions Jesus about His disciples and His teachings – John 18:19      

Jesus is accused of blasphemy by the high priest; all judge Him worthy of death – Mark 14:63-64  

Entire assembly accuse Jesus of subverting the nation, refusing to pay taxes to Caesar, and claiming to be a king – Luke 23:2-5    

Herod questions Jesus; chief priests and teachers question Him extensively and vehemently accuse Him – Luke 23:9-10      

With loud shouts religious leaders and a mob demand the crucifixion of Jesus: their determination prevails – Luke 23:23      

Roman soldiers put a crown of thorns on Jesus, mock Him, spit on Him, and strike Him with a staff repeatedly on the head – Mark 15:17-18

Jesus is crucified on Calvary – John 19:8

The angel said, “Fear not, for I know you seek Jesus, who was crucified.
  He is not here: for He has risen, as He said He would”
                                                          – Matthew 28:5-6

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