06: Joshua: The Book of Victory

Named for its central figure, the book of Joshua spans a period of about thirty years. It records the fulfillment of God’s promise to forge the descendants of Abraham into a great nation. The first half of Joshua pertains to Israel’s entrance into Canaan and its seven-year conquest. The second half provides details concerning the division of the land among the twelve tribes.

The Promised Land was given to Israel as a homeland to prepare for the Messiah who would live, minister, and die there. Through their covenant and their conquests, God taught them that victory comes only through fidelity and obedience. 

Essay Questions

1. Develop a portfolio of Joshua, including his slavery in Egypt, his fidelity to Moses, his attitude as one of the 12 spies, his character, leadership abilities, and his victories.

2. Describe the scene at the crossing of the Jordan in chapter three. What was the work of the priests? What miracle occurred? What memorial was established and why?

3. Make a character sketch of Rahab. Where and why does her name appear in the New Testament?

4. Why was the subjugation of Jericho militarily necessary to ensure Israel’s future victories? What strategies did Joshua employ to conquer the rest of Canaan?

5. Describe the steps leading up to the destruction of the walls of Jericho. What were their specific “marching orders?”

6. Describe the sin of Achan and its consequences (Ch. 7-8). Why was his punishment so severe?

7. In Chapter nine, what happened regarding the Gibeonites? What was Joshua’s reaction to their deception and why were they spared?

8. List the kings conquered by Joshua in Chapter twelve.

9. From Bible dictionaries, maps, and encyclopedias, summarize the conquest of Central Canaan (Ch. 6-8), and the conquest of Southern and Northern Canaan (Ch. 9-13).

10. State the reason for the establishment of “The Cities of Refuge” in chapter 20.

11. Give the reasons behind the construction of “The Altar of Witness” in chapter 22.

12. Based on Biblical precepts and teachings from Joshua, discuss why wars like the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan are justifiable.

13. Summarize Joshua’s farewell address to Israel. What must be observed in order to guarantee God’s continued blessings (Ch 23-24)?  Why did he specifically mention idolatry and what lessons can be learned from his remarks?


Maxim of the Moment

God will bless the man who blesses his wife.