02: Exodus: The Book of Deliverance

The Greek word exodus means “exit” or “departure” and the book is named for this central event. The story in Exodus begins where Genesis ends and covers the period from Joseph’s death to the erection of the Tabernacle. It is the narrative of Israel’s freedom from Egyptian bondage and into a covenant relationship with God. Although the book spans a period of about eighty years, most of it describes events during the two year period following Israel’s departure from Egypt. Exodus falls into three major divisions: Israel in Egypt (Ch. 1-12), Israel in the wilderness (Ch. 13-18) and Israel at Sinai (19-40). Exodus includes the dramatic stories of the ten plagues, the Passover, the Red Sea miracle, the golden calf, and the Ten Commandments.

Two key events occur at Sinai. First, God’s initial covenant with Abraham is expanded under the Mosaic covenant. Specific laws are given to allow them to establish and govern themselves as a theocratic nation. Secondly, their portable worship center, the Tabernacle, is constructed. Their obedience to the priesthood and sacrificial system will be the tangible evidence of their new covenant relationship with Jehovah. 

Essay Questions

1. Describe the scene at the Burning Bush. What was Moses’ attitude?

2. List the ten plagues and describe the events that brought each plague upon the Egyptians and what caused each plague to cease.

3. Describe what was required of each household regarding the Passover.
What was the punishment for disobedience?

4. In what year did the Exodus take place?

5. Name the main characters in the book of Exodus. List the characteristics and/or attributes of each person.

6. Describe the scene immediately before and after Israel’s deliverance at the Red Sea. What lessons can be learned from this miracle?

7. Who was responsible for the Golden Calf and what punishment was connected with it?

8. List the Ten Commandments and find a corresponding New Testament passage that reinforces each one.

9. Why were the specifications for the construction of the Tabernacle so detailed? (Ch. 25-40)  What can we learn about God from this?


Maxim of the Moment

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