22: Song of Solomon: The Book of Intimacy

The Song of Solomon is a testimony to the beauty, joy, and sanctity of love within the boundaries of matrimony. It is the only Bible book featuring fidelity between a man and woman as its main theme. It elevates sexual love to the level God intended. Romance resulting in marital commitment is seen as exciting, satisfying, and accompanied by pleasant memories without shame.

As a young king, Solomon courts and marries a Shulamite girl and takes her to his palace in Jerusalem. The Song records their intimate desires, challenges, and pleasures. Their love begins in the first four chapters and deepens in the final four chapters. As the Song of Solomon ends, love finally rejoices in the full possession of the object of its affection.

This historical drama is written in the form of a lyrical love song, consisting entirely of dialogues between the bride, her beloved, and the daughters of Jerusalem. It is rich in imagery concerning faithfulness, compassion, sacrifice, beauty, humility and purity.

The Song of Solomon verifies that marital love is sanctioned by God as the highest of all human relationships. The story is emblematic of Jehovah’s love for Israel, Christ’s love for His church, and His personal relationship with each individual Believer. The condescension of King Solomon and the submission of the Shulamite are symbolic of Jesus’ sacrifice for the human race and their response to His redemption.

Essay Questions

1. Read Isaiah 54:5-6; Ezekiel 16:8-14 and Hosea 2:18-20 regarding the bride/groom relationship between God and Israel. What can be deduced from the figurative language concerning God’s familial attitude toward Believers?

2. What is taught regarding the Lord’s relationship with Believers in Revelation 19:7-10?

3. Summarize the expressions of mutual love found in the Song of Solomon 1:9 through 2:7.

4. Godly marriages are blessed, but what is immorality equated with? (Exodus 34:14-16 & Hebrews 13:4)

5. Although Solomon eventually had an extensive harem (I Kings 11:3), how does the Song of Solomon elevate monogamy? What things recorded in First Kings 11:4 later became a snare to Solomon?

6. In what ways is the Song of Solomon a “protest” against polygamy? Note the God-sanctioned marital union between a man and a woman in Genesis 2:21-25 and elaborate on this concept.


Maxim of the Moment

Success in marriage isn’t finding the right person: it’s being the right person.