01: Genesis: The Book of Beginnings

The book of Genesis is the indispensable foundation of all Biblical truth.

The first word in the Hebrew Bible, “Genesis” (bereshith), literally means “in the beginning.” Genesis is a sourcebook and in it we discover the true origin of life. The earth was the environment God created in order to interact with those He created. In Genesis, we discover how families are established, why sin separates us from our God, and His fundamental redemptive plan for the human race.

The Holy Spirit used Moses’ Egyptian education to providentially prepare him to write the first five book of the Bible (Acts 7:22). The first eleven chapters of Genesis provide the story of creation, the fall of mankind, and the flood. The remaining 39 chapters give the biographies of four great patriarchs of Israel: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. Working through these patriarchal families, the Creator makes a covenant with people whose descendants form the nation of Israel. 

Essay Questions

1. Read and compare Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1-5. In a summary statement, tell Christ’s role in both creation and redemption.

2. Describe how Satan deceived Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden.

3. In a few paragraphs, describe the building, voyage and landing of Noah’s Ark. What are the lessons we should learn from the flood?

4. Explain why God was not pleased with the construction of the Tower of Babel (Ch. 11).

5. Explain how and why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (Ch. 18-19).

6. What attribute or title is given to Abraham in II Chron. 20:7; Isaiah 41:8 & James 2:23? What events in his life earned him this title?

7. From Chapter 24, describe how Abraham found a bride for Isaac.

8. Describe the situation in which Esau lost his birthright (Ch. 25 and 27).

9. Describe the relationship of Jacob and Laban. What factors led to their difficulties?  (Ch. 28-31)

10. List the major events in the life of Isaac. What were his strengths and weaknesses?

11. List the major events in the life of Jacob. When and why was his name changed to “Israel?”

12. Quoting five examples from Genesis, what can we learn about sin?

13. From chapters 39-43, list the attributes of Joseph.

14. From Genesis, what can we learn regarding God’s omnipotence and sovereignty?


Maxim of the Moment

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