13: First Chronicles: The Book of Encouragement

Chronicles covers the same period of time as the books of Samuel and Kings. About half of the material in Chronicles can also be found in those books. But while Samuel and Kings provide the political history of the nation, Chronicles gives the spiritual perspective of key events in David’s era. Ezra the priest wrote the Chronicles after the return from Babylon. He gave the nation hope by reminding them of their connection with the lineage of David, the temple, its priesthood, and sacrifices.

To stress Israel’s rich heritage and unbroken connection with their patriarchal origins, the first nine chapters confirm the genealogy from Adam through David. The remaining chapters focus on David’s rule over the united kingdom. Although Jerusalem and the old temple have been devastated, the Messianic lineage of David remained intact.

The history recorded in Chronicles is selective. While the book does not deny the nation’s failures, it emphasizes God’s grace and the need for spiritual reform. The author consistently affirms that the nation’s true foundation is based on their covenantal relationship with Jehovah. While it is filled with encouraging insights into God’s faithfulness throughout the centuries, it also serves as a warning to never again forsake God’s laws or neglect His worship.

Essay Questions

1. Why are the records of David’s ancestry and the genealogies of the twelve tribes so important? Why is this information valuable today (Ch. 1-9)?

2. Summarize David’s ascension to the throne (Ch. 10-12).

3. What sacred object is the focus of chapters 13-16? Who dies by touching it? How was it to be transported? How is its arrival in Jerusalem celebrated?

4. Summarize the military victories of David listed in chapters 18-20. What nations does he conquer?

5. What is David’s sin in chapter 21 and how is he punished?

6. Develop a list of the materials needed to construct the new Temple (Ch. 22-29).

7. Describe the final days of King David. Why is he not allowed to build the Temple? (Ch. 28-29)


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