10: Second Samuel: The Book of Kingship

This book traces the establishment of the united kingdom under Saul and its expansion under David. Second Samuel chronicles David’s forty-year reign whose political, spiritual, and military victories bring Israel to the zenith of its power. David makes Jerusalem his capital, subdues Israel’s enemies, extends her boundaries, and achieves national financial prosperity.

Second Samuel records David’s triumphs (Ch. 1-10), his transgressions (Ch. 11), and his trials (12-14). The life of the shepherd boy who becomes king proves obedience brings God’s blessings as surely as disobedience brings His judgment. The long-range consequences of David’s sins negatively affect his family and the nation for generations to come.

Essay Questions

1. In chapters, 2-4, who does David fight and what is the result?

2. List the sons born to David in Hebron (Ch. 3) and the children born to him in Jerusalem (Ch. 5).

3. From chapter six, what can be learned regarding proper respect for the Ark of the Covenant?

4. Do a character study on Uriah. What attributes can be listed?

5. Study the life of Bathsheba and write her portfolio. Is she an innocent victim or a willing adulteress? What is her only comment after the affair?

6. What specific steps does David take to cover up his crimes? What prophet helps expose his sins? Describe the effects of the prophet’s parable on David. What is his attitude when confronted? What happens to the baby born to David and Bathsheba and why?

7. Do a character study on Joab. List the events in his life and note his characteristics – both positive and negative.

8. In chapter 13, who is murdered and why? Who is the perpetrator?

9. Do a profile on Absalom. Describe his vanity and the methods he uses to gain the sympathy of the people. In what ways is he deceitful? How does he die?

10. List the enemies David defeats in chapters 8, 10 and 21.

11. Summarize the final acts and words of David.

Maxim of the Moment

Marry for money and you’ll starve for love.