Using a Concordance, find the men who did unusual things in the Bible.

1. Who set fire to the tails of 300 foxes?_____________________
2. Where in the Bible is a singing group of 288 men described?_______________________
3. Of which tribe were 42,000 men killed due to a mispronunciation of one word? _______________
4. Who burned a snake alive?___________________
5. Who caused a metal ax-head to float?________________________
6. What is the longest word (a man’s name) in the Bible?____________________
7. Who named his son “Hen”?__________________________
8. When did fire consume stones?_________________________________________
9. In what city did a wall fall on 27,000 men?_______________________________
10. What sorcerer was struck with blindness?_______________________________
11. What do Eutychus, Lazarus, and the son of the widow of Nain all have in common? ____________________________
12. Sick people hoped they could be healed by the shadow of what apostle? _______________
13. Who told angels to wash their feet?_______________________
14. Who said that he saw Satan falling from heaven?______________________
15. Who killed 600 men with an ox-goad?__________________________
16. Who killed 800 men with a spear?____________________________
17. What man performed a surgical procedure with a flint knife?______________________
18. What man said he wished he had been stillborn?________________________
19. Who walked without an outer garment and barefoot for three years?_______________
20. Who is called “Dodo” in the Bible?__________________


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