Using a Concordance,  identify the women in the following questions.

1. Name the garment maker who was raised from the dead._________________
2. Who ate food cooked by a witch?_______________________
3. Whose child sneezed seven times?_________________________
4. What 5-year old boy was dropped by his nurse and became lame?  _____________________
5. What prophet tore his own clothing and pulled out his hair because men were marrying ungodly women?_________________________
6. Who deceived his son-in-law by substituting the bride’s older sister for a younger sister on their wedding night?_____________________
7. What king had the official chronicles of his kingdom read to him when he had insomnia?_______________________________________
8. What queen, who had disguised herself, had her true identity discovered by a blind man? ______________________________________
9. What wicked queen in the Old Testament had a daughter who was also a wicked queen?______________________________________
10. Name the Hebrew exile who married the queen of Egypt’s sister.________________
11. What woman gave David 100 clusters of raisins?____________________
12. What false prophetess of the New Testament practiced fornication?  __________________  
13. What queen was deposed for refusing to obey her drunken husband? _________________
14. How old was the first woman in the Bible whose age is recorded? ____________________
15. Name the businesswoman who was one of Paul’s earliest converts. ___________________
16. Who had seven daughters – and each was a prophetess?____________________
17. Who had seven daughters – and each was a shepherdess?___________________
18. What woman used a hammer and nail to kill a man?_______________________
19.  What two women were the mothers of their half-brothers? _________________  
20. Who were the first women to demand their property rights?_________________


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