Using a Concordance, find the Biblical Kings and Princes in the questions below.

1. What king, after a speech, was eaten by worms?____________________________
2. What king had his big toes and thumbs cut off for doing the same thing to seventy kings?
3. What king fell out of his second-story window?_________________
4. What king pouted in bed over his failure to make a real estate deal? ___________________
5. What king reigned for seven days, then cremated himself?_________________________
6. What king’s knees knocked together for fear?__________________________
7. What king was not pleased with a gift of 20 cities?_____________________
8. What king’s hand dried up?___________________
9. Which king wrote about a man wiping the dishes in the Bible?_______________
10. What king had 900 chariots of iron?_____________________
11. What king lived in a house of ivory?_____________________
12. What do Abigail, Michal, Bathsheba and Ahinoam all have in common?______________
13. Who had a bed about 13 feet long and 6 feet wide? _______________________
14. What king became a vegetarian instantly?______________________________
15. Who killed his brother for raping his sister?_____________________________
16. By what man did 78 women have 88 children?___________________________
17. Who had 300 concubines?_______________________
18. In the Old Testament, who told midwives to kill all newborn boys?______________
19.  In the New Testament, who ordered the deaths of baby boys?__________________
20. What wife made a dummy and put it in her bed to represent her husband? ________________


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