What a Husband Needs to Know

Live with your wife and obey God’s Word - I Peter 3:7
Your wife has very special needs - I Peter 3:7
Honor your wife - I Peter 3:7
Bitterness hinders a husband’s prayers - I Peter 3:7
Love your wife and avoid bitterness - Colossians 3:19
Enjoy life and love your wife - Ecclesiastes 9:9
A bitter husband will not communicate - I Samuel 25:17
Give your wife high priority in life - Titus 1:6
Be faithful to your own wife - Proverbs 5:15
Rejoice with your wife - Proverbs 5:18
God favors the man who has a good wife - Proverbs 18:22
A wise wife is a gift from God - Proverbs 19:14
Keep your wife close to your heart – Song of Solomon 8:6
Don’t allow your wife to be deceived - I Timothy 2:14
A good husband defends his wife - Nehemiah 4:14

What a Wife Needs to Know

Honor your husband - II Samuel 6:22
Respect your husband - Ephesians 5:33
Avoid women who despise their husbands – Esther 1:17
Let your husband see your godly lifestyle - I Peter 3:2
A wife must develop a gentle spirit - I Peter 3:4
A godly wife trusts God - I Peter 3:5
A godly wife submits to her husband - I Peter 3:5
Stay reconciled to your husband - I Corinthians 7:11
Don’t let go of your husband – Song of Solomon 3:4
Avoid adultery at all costs - Hebrews 13:4
A wife must not speak foolishly - Job 2:10
A good wife is a blessing to her husband – Proverbs 12:4
A virtuous wife handles money wisely – Proverbs 31:16
A prudent wife is esteemed by her husband – Proverbs 31:28
A good wife obeys God’s Word - Titus 2:5

What Both Need to Know

God made men and women differently - Matthew 19:4
Allow each other to worship the Lord - II Samuel 6:16
Avoid all pornography - II Samuel 11:2
Confess your faults to each other - James 5:16
Pray for each other - James 5:16
Submit to each other for Jesus’ sake – Ephesians 5:21
Realize you are both heirs of eternal life - I Peter 3:7
Respect one another - I Corinthians 7:3
Never withhold sex from the other - I Corinthians 7:5
Married couples will have some problems - I Corinthians 7:28
Discover new ways to please each other - I Corinthians 7:33-34
Depend on each other - I Corinthians 11:11
Allow no problem to quench your love – Song of Solomon 8:7


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