~ Premillennialism was the dominant view in early church history, for they had a strong expectation of His soon return.
~ This is a popular view among evangelicals, conservatives, and Pentecostals who are usually also dispensationalists.
~ Premillennialists see the Millennium as a period still in the future - thus most are also advocates of the Futurist school of interpretation.
~ Premillennialists tend to show more interest in eschatology than Amillennialists or Postmillennialists.
~ Most Premillennialists are also Pretribulationists. However, Premillennialists disagree among themselves as to whether or not the Church will be on earth during the Tribulation, for one can be a Pre, Mid, or Posttribulationist and still be a Premillennialist.
~ They hold the key passage to millennialism is Rev. 20:4-6, “we will reign with Him 1,000 years”.
~ They believe in a literal 1,000-year reign of Christ and tend to take God’s Word more seriously than Amillennialists and Postmillennialists.
~ “Christ’s enemies must be vanquished before He can return and rule”.
~ “The white-horse-rider in Rev. 19 is Christ Himself”.
~ “Jesus is physically present on earth during the Millennium”.
~ “He will set up His throne in Jerusalem” (Mt. 19:28).
~ “The saints will reign together with Christ throughout this era”.
~ “A reward for faithfulness is sharing in His activities during this time”.
~ “There will be two resurrections - one at the start and one at the close of the Millennium”.
~ “Both resurrections in Revelation 20:4-6 are literal, not figurative”.
~ Premillennialists feel the Millennium will come as a sudden, cataclysmic event as the Battle of Armageddon concludes.
~ “There will be a sharp change in world conditions as they exist during the Tribulation prior to the Millennium”.
~ “Israel will have a special place during the Millennium, for there will be a literal restoration of this nation in accordance with God’s promises”.
~ “There will be many conversions to Christ in Israel during the Millennium”.
~ “God’s covenants with Israel will be fulfilled, for ‘God has not cast off His people’ (Rom. 11:2)”.
~ This view poses less theological problems than other millennial views, for it is much more logical and consistent than the others.
Premillennial logic includes the following concepts:
~ There must be a future era in which all unfulfilled eschatological prophecies are decisively fulfilled.
~ There must be a public vindication of all Believers by Christ Himself.
~ There must be a prolonged period of validation (the Millennium) of Christ as the Messiah - for He was rejected as the Messiah during His earthly ministry.
~ There must be a decisive climax to human history in which Christ is globally recognized as its absolute victorious Redeemer.


~ The inherent danger in all millennial research is that we spend so much time attempting to discern WHAT, WHY, and WHEN the Millennium is, we spend so little time worshiping WHO reigns as Supreme King.
                                              - Dr. J. Knoles, 1MAY18



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