Jesus’ corrections often follow some erroneous statement by a person, disciple, or religious leader. Here are forty examples, but there are many others.

The following PRESUMPTIONS are represented by the letter “P”
Jesus’ CORRECTION is represented by the letter “C”.

P: The hypocrites pray aloud   Mt. 6:5-7
C: Jesus says, go into your closet to pray

P: If a man murders, he’s in danger of judgment
C: No: he murders even if he’s angry with his brother   Mt. 5:21+

P: Don’t commit adultery     Mt. 5:27+
C: No: don’t even look a woman to lust

P: An eye for eye is legitimate revenge
C: No: turn the other cheek   Mt. 5:38+

P: Love your neighbors and hate your enemies   Mt. 5:43-44
C: No: Love your enemies

P: Eating with unwashed hands defiles a person
C: No: what comes OUT defiles him, not what goes INTO him.  Mt. 15:2 & 17

P: A Canaanite woman begs Jesus to deliver her daughter and the disciples say, “Send her away”
C: No: her faith causes Me to grant her request   Mt. 15:24+

P: It; normal to want to “gain the whole world”
C: No: if you do, you’ll lose your soul   Mt. 16:26

P: Jesus casts out demons through Satan!
C: Jesus asks how Satan can cast out Satan   Lk. 11:14+

P: Jesus was told His family wants to see Him   Mk. 3:31+
C: No: those who do my Father’s will are my family

P: Some people buy and sell things in the Temple
C: No: my Father’s house is a house of prayer   Lk. 19:45

P: Jesus is asked if it is lawful to pay taxes to Caesar   Lk. 20:20
C: Jesus says to give to government what is theirs and to God what is His.

P: Some say Jesus is not of God, because He eats with sinners
C: No: it those who are sick that need a doctor   Mt. 9:11+

P: John the Baptist asks Jesus to baptize Him   Mt. 3:14+
C: No: Jesus asks John to baptize Him instead

P: Peter tells Jesus to not go to Calvary
C: Jesus tells Peter, Get behind Me, Satan   Mk. 8:32+

P: John the Beloved tells a man to stop casting out demons in the name of Jesus   Mt. 9:38-40
C: Jesus said He who is not against us is for us

P: Some doubt it is legal to heal on the Sabbath   Lk. 14:3+
C: Jesus said if your ox falls into the ditch on Sabbath, you would work to rescue it

P: The Old Testament affirms it is OK to divorce   Mk. 10:1+
C: Jesus says it was only due to hardness of heart that God ever allowed divorce

P: The Pharisees come to Jesus seeking a sign   Mt. 16:1+
C: Jesus says, you can predict weather, but not signs of the times

P: What is the greatest commandment?  Mt. 22:34+
C: Jesus quotes Deut. 6:5, to love the Lord and Lev. 19:18, to love one’s neighbor as self, for every commandment is based on these two

P: Jesus is asked who would be the husband of a certain woman in the afterlife Mt. 22:30-33
C: Jesus says in heaven no one is married, but are like the angels

P: Jesus is asked, how do I get eternal life?  Who is my neighbor? Lk. 10:25
C:  Jesus responds with the parable of the Good Samaritan

P: Who is the greatest in the Kingdom?  Mt. 19:1+
C: Jesus takes a little child as an object lesson and says we must humble ourselves like this child.

P: People bring their children to Jesus and the disciples rebuke them for it   Mk 10:13+
C: Jesus says to allow it

P: Some are offended when a sinful woman anoints Jesus   Lk. 7:36+
C: Jesus responds with parable about two men who owed money…showing Jesus forgave her of her sins

P: At the Transfiguration, Peter says, let’s build three Monuments here   Lk. 9:28+
C: The Father Himself instructs them from heaven to listen to His Son

P: Lazarus dies, but Martha is convinced he will rise again someday
C: Jesus says He is the resurrection   Jn. 11:38+

P: Although Jesus Man heals a man, some say it is illegal for Him to carry his bed home on the Sabbath   Jn. 5:17
C: Jesus said My Father works and I work.

P: Jesus heals a man who is born blind; the religious leaders ask if they too are “blind” Jn. 9
C: Jesus said, because you say you can see, your sin remains

P: Jesus’ disciples cry out to Him to save them in the storm
C: Jesus says they have little faith   Mt. 8:25

P: Scribes call Jesus a blasphemer   Mt. 9:3-4
C: Jesus say you are evil-hearted

P: A man’s daughter has died
C: No: Jesus says she is only “sleeping”  Mt. 9:24+

P: The disciples admire the beautiful temple   Mt. 24:1+
C: Jesus says someday one stone will be left on another

P: John the Baptist thinks he might be mistaken about Jesus being the Messiah   Mt. 12
C: Jesus says, go tell John how the blind see and the lame walk

P: Some say it is wrong others regard Jesus as the Messiah
C: Jesus asks, haven’t you ever read that out of the mouth of babes will come praise?  Mt. 21:16+

P: Peter asks if he should forgive a brother seven times
C: No: Jesus says 490 times

P: A woman requests that Jesus allow her two sons to sit on His right and left hand in His kingdom
C: Jesus tells her she does not comprehend what she’s asking

P: The disciples tell Jesus that the crowds that came to hear him are hungry and suggest He send them away
C: No: Jesus says, you feed them Mt. 14:15+

P: Some accuse Jesus of attempting to DESTROY the Old Testament prophecies
C: No; Jesus states He has come to FULFILL the Old Testament prophecies. Mt. 5:17

P: Peter promises he will never deny Jesus.
C: No; Jesus says, tonight you will deny Me thrice


The Holy Spirit is perfect and makes no mistakes.
Will you and I allow the Holy Spirit to correct our theology?
When He whispers to us in His still, small voice, will we listen, obey, and change our doctrine?
As we keep our ear tuned, we become increasingly sensitive to His instructions.




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